Practice Self-Examination and Consider Others in One’s Own Place

PureInsight | November 14, 2008

[] In ancient times in China, a sage once asked Confucius, “I was told that an emperor is capable of managing his country as long as he studies carefully and considerately makes the policies. Do you reckon that opinion is right?”

Confucius replied, “Yes it is. One who loves others will be loved, while one who hates others will be hated. Always share with other people what you’ve gained. One must practice self-examination and consider others in his own place at all times. Thus, an emperor must look after his people in the same way that he looks after himself. An emperor should protect the public interest in the same way that he protects his own interests. He must ensure that his people’s property will not be damaged or exploited. If he can do all of these things, the emperor will be favored and supported by his people. Therefore, he will be able to manage his country well.”

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