Revealing History: The Divine Charm of the East Comes from Thousands of Years Ago

Xiao Lian

PureInsight | February 23, 2009

[] The East is a land full of mystery. With its mysterious culture, it used to be a nation of etiquette that the world admired. The young men here were kind-hearted and generous, and the young women were natural and dignified. The cultures here are diverse and marked by extraordinary elegance, beauty, and splendor. The landscapes here are too beautiful to be absorbed all at once…

I list all the above only to illustrate the point that gods intentionally created for humanity the different lands and cultures, both for people to enjoy and also to lay a cultural foundation for human beings so that they can understand Dafa today.

There is a saying, “South of the Yangtze River is a land rich in beauties.” Why? Because the natural environment plays such a big role for the people there in terms of poise and bearing. For example, the men from the Northeast can be very manly, but it is different than the manliness of people from the Xinjiang region.

Although it is collectively called the Chinese nation, and all the people here speak Chinese, the folk customs among Chinese ethnic groups differ greatly. Many people have seen the ethnic clothing styles in Yunnan Province and the Guangxi region. They’re very beautiful but very different from those of the Han region. Their style of living is also very different from the Han region. Gods intentionally left all of these cultures and styles for human beings so that our lives could be colorful.

We all know that China has the longest recorded history among all the nations in the world and numerous stories are embedded in that long history. When we were little, our elders could easily pick any historical story to educate us. Many idioms have their individual origin in literature too, such as, “Serve one's fatherland loyally,” “Rise up upon hearing the crow of a rooster,” “Going south by driving the chariot north,” and “Lord Yeh who claimed to be fond of dragons.” Many Westerners admire the oriental culture. In fact, perhaps in one of their past lives, they were born in this land and even became a well-read scholar!

As for culture, aren’t music, dance, culinary arts, martial arts, couture, and painting all manifestations of the culture imparted by gods? Take dance as an example. Dancers express emotions using body language. A form of dance can have a very long history. A movement, a facial expression, or even a glance can be filled with divine charms that have been built up for tens of thousands of years.

Perhaps you have heard that a god’s world is wonderful and extremely rich and colorful. Then, when gods use human means to imitate how sentient beings in that world express goodness and graciousness, it is quite amazing. It not only looks elegant and graceful, it can also inspire good thoughts! There are so many worlds in the heavens. The cosmos is so vast, and different gods have different realms and levels. Therefore, what they have left for human beings are different too. This is exactly why the cultures in this world are so diverse and abundant.

To be more specific, let me take as an example the dance, “Fairies of Changbai Mountain,” by Divine Performing Arts from their 2008 performance season. The dance showed that the Korean ethnic minority group is cheerful and likes singing and dancing as a group. The dance portrayed a group of young Korean women dancing beautifully beside Changbai Mountain. As a matter of fact, in the dance, many movements bear very deep connotations of the divine. When the sentient beings in a realm of the heavens do not want to be left out during the Fa-rectification, they take the approach of imparting their culture (in all aspects) to humankind and letting humanity display it in their own ways. Therefore, every movement is full of energy. In addition, the dancers themselves are cultivators, and hence, the righteous elements in their dance are very strong. So, their dance is very touching and can inspire good thoughts.

What is the fundamental reason for gods to impart their divine cultures to humanity? To put it frankly, they’re waiting! Waiting to obtain the Fa when Dafa is spreading, and waiting to be used by the Fa-rectification. Because as soon as the Fa-rectification picks them, they will have obtained the greatest assurance that they will enter the future! Actually, everything in this world is arranged for today’s Fa-rectification.

Let’s take the dance, “Drummers of the Tang Court,” also by Divine Performing Arts, as another example. This dance fully exhibited the men’s masculinity. Think about it. Where did the concept of masculinity come from? The inner meaning of this cultural term is also given by gods. Beating the drums in an extremely manly style, driving away evil spirits, and breaking up the darkness, the drummers of the Tang era were bolstering the troops’ morale and welcoming the radiant Tang Dynasty! In this sense, the Tang Dynasty was intentionally arranged by gods in order for people living in the materialistic world today to retrieve the spirit of the Tang Dynasty—its abundant tolerance and broad bearing!

This concludes my sharing. I believe that Divine Performing Arts’ performances this year will be even better than last year. Please watch with a calm heart.

As long as you put your heart into an activity, you may be surprised at what you get. Don’t forget to bring a handkerchief to wipe away your tears. Because the performance can truly raise your spirits and inspire good thoughts, it is exactly what you have long been waiting for!

To this end, I wish great success to the Divine Performing Arts 2009 World Tour!

December 20, 2008

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