Poem: Wake Those Around You

A Western Dafa Practitioner

PureInsight | February 8, 2009


Wake Those Around You

When we heard Master Buddha was descending to the world to rectify Fa,
we knelt beneath his feet and vowed to assist in Fa rectification.
Gods in the heavens wept for our determination.
After taking the vow we reminded each other:
“Should any of us become lost among the illusions of the world,
if you are an awakened god, please remember to wake me up!
For if we miss this opportunity, we shall never return home!”
Following our pact, we separated with tears in our eyes.

Eons of incarnations and cosmos have past;
we wait for the arrival of Falun Dafa.
Master Buddha suffered endless hardships
to connect with each and every one of us.
When the spreading of Dafa finally began,
many gods descending from the heavens have become lost in this world.

All ye cultivators of Dafa,
do you recall the vows we made with each other?
Clarify the truth to them; expose the nature of the Evil.
Master Buddha has come Himself to take us home.
Master Buddha hopes that they will awaken and catch the Fa vessel.
Those of you who are awake, please awaken the people around you.
The time to return has come; it's time to go home.
The Lord of the universe has come to welcome us
back to the blissful realm beyond comparison.

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