POEM: Nature’s Gift

A Dafa Practitioner in Australia

PureInsight | April 5, 2010


Nature's Gift

A pond of stillness, reflecting images of surrounding nature,
Beautiful flowers, tall strong trees,
Protruding water lotus, of pink and purple color,
The busyness of watergliders as they stream, like skaters on ice,
The glancing movement of a frog, is seen through the invisible curtain, in a world of wet,
The ambience of forest green weed, sits stretched and settled,
A penny-sized tortoise scurries to the bottom, sifting the silt with gentle touches,
A clouded loom of wet dust, slowly fades into the clarity of awe.
The long bladegrass rustles, as a gentle breeze roughens the silk smooth surface,
Sunshine wakens the mist from its slumber,
Bees tenderly tiptoeing on a vibrant platform that provides their food for honey,
The warming buzz, as they sort through the weave of pollen, they knit their basken to fly.
Sounds of birds,
A multitude of whistles, blow nature’s choir of a waking moment.
Life is born, a new day begins,
Torn from the darkness of night, the golden glow of morning, the tempered warmth of the sun.
I sit up in my prison cell and see the romance and beauty of nature’s gift,

(Written in the light of a celldoor window.)

April 3, 2010

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