People with X-Ray Vision

A Russian practitioner

PureInsight | July 19, 2010

[] You've probably heard about people who have a natural ability of “x-ray vision.” Those are people who are said to have a supernatural ability enabling them to see the internal organs of the body, blood, locations of illnesses, etc. Some of these people are well-known in Russia.

Supernatural abilities often emerge in people after undergoing extreme experiences and devastating life tragedies. Perhaps it has to do with the principle: “No loss, no gain.” For example, one woman developed an ability to diagnose illnesses with “x-ray vision” at the age of 37, after she was electrocuted with 380 volts when she worked as a crane operator. She was pronounced dead and her blackened body was covered by a bed sheet to be taken to a mortuary. In the official report, the doctors wrote: “Death due to an electric shock.” Her family members began to prepare for her funeral. However, miraculously, the woman had survived. She underwent severe torturing pains during recovery and lost her sight. Later, her sight came back, but in an unusual way; she was now able to see inside people’s bodies. After a meeting with a well-known writer, she was brought to Moscow and there she met and helped various celebrities. Not only well-known people came to see her, but also mothers whose sons were missing in various wars. This woman could always tell who was dead and who languished in captivity. She never charged money for her work and was content with a mere expression of gratitude. As for helping herself and relatives, she said: “I cannot ‘see’ myself nor my relatives.” Perhaps her emotional ties to kin prevented an impartial analysis. At present, this woman has retired from her work and lives in a remote village.

How do supernatural abilities work?

In the book, Zhuan Falun, the founder of the spiritual practice Falun Dafa, Master Li Hongzhi, provides an explanation for supernatural abilities:

“The Buddha School talks about five levels of eyesight: Flesh Eyesight, Celestial Eyesight, Wisdom Eyesight, Fa Eyesight, and Buddha Eyesight. These are the five major levels of the Celestial Eye, and each is subdivided into upper, middle and lower levels. The Tao School talks about nine times nine or eighty-one levels of Fa Eyesight. … If your Celestial Eye is opened below Celestial Eyesight, you will have what everyday people regard as supernormal abilities, as you can see things through a wall and see through a human body. If we provided this supernormal ability widely and if everyone’s Celestial Eye were opened to this level, it would severely disturb ordinary human society and disrupt the state of ordinary human society: state secrets would be jeopardized; it would be the same whether people wore clothes or not, and you could see people in a house from outside; while strolling on the street, you could pick up all the top prizes of the lottery if you saw them.” (Zhuan Falun, Lecture Two)

Master Li Hongzhi also said:

“Supernormal abilities are also called divine powers. Contemporary people call them extraordinary abilities. Supernormal abilities are in fact beings’ innate abilities. The higher a being’s level, the more fully his innate abilities can take effect; conversely, the lower a being’s level, the harder it is for his innate abilities to take effect, or to take full effect. The fundamental reason is that in this cosmos, from the highest level to the lowest level, the lower it gets, the higher the proportion of matter beings and everything in their particular realms have, the larger the particles’ grains are, and the more weight beings carry—the lower it gets, the more the beings’ innate abilities (supernormal abilities) are restrained by matter itself, and the more heavy this restraint, the less effective the abilities are. This is why the lower the level, the lesser the abilities. When it gets to the human dimension, all the innate abilities of beings are already covered up, their innate abilities (supernormal abilities) cannot work. So if humans do something or want to get something, they have to rely solely on working their matter-comprised bodies in order to get what they want. Man cannot see the true situation of the cosmos because he is completely buried in matter. That is why it’s said that the human dimension is one of delusion.” (Essentials for Further Advancement II, “What Are Supernormal Abilities”)

In the beginning of the 1980’s, all over the world, and especially in China, many children were born with supernatural abilities. Since 1974, the Chinese government has registered more than 100,000 children with supernatural abilities. Some could read with their ears, others with their palms or with the backs of their neck. But those children’s parents insisted on showing off their abilities, and as a result, many of the children have been contaminated and stained by the current of modern society, and in the end lost their abilities. Many of them later began practicing Falun Dafa.

Usually, if a person cannot maintain a high level of morality and can't resist the temptation of material benefits, fame, and glory, his abilities are likely to be closed, become less efficient, or work inconsistently. Usually, supernatural abilities appear in young children or elderly women, who can control themselves and are less likely to show off.

There is a passage about this in Zhuan Falun:

“Some qigong masters say: ‘Without being virtuous, one can easily do bad things after developing supernormal abilities.’ I say this is a wrong statement—it is not the case at all. If you do not value virtues or do not cultivate your xinxing, you simply will not develop any supernormal abilities. With good xinxing, some people develop supernormal abilities at their levels. Later, they cannot handle themselves well and do things that they should not. This situation also exists. Once one does something bad, however, one’s supernormal abilities will be weakened or lost. Once they are gone, they are lost forever. Furthermore, the worst thing is that they make one develop attachments.”
(Zhuan Falun, Lecture Two)

Many research experiments have been conducted on people with “x-ray vision,” not only as a means to validate the existence of such abilities, but also to understand the mechanisms behind them in order to try to develop such abilities using technical means and stimulation from various types of electromagnetic radiation. It is hard to believe that man could create something more advanced than the God who endowed him with such abilities. Perhaps a better question is not how to develop those abilities using external, artificial methods, but rather how to develop them internally? According to the teachings of Master Li Hongzhi, supernatural abilities like “x-ray vision” are part of our innate human instinctual abilities. It is only by means of self-cultivation and spiritual growth that it is possible to develop those abilities.

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