“Staring at evil,” “The predestined one” and Other Poems

A Western Practitioner

PureInsight | March 24, 2011


Staring at evil
A full moon, 

shining through heavy clouds

Resembling the vivid face,
of the evil dark skeleton dragon

Staring at me its hateful eyes,
trying so hard to impress

I only smile,
knowing about its failure

The predestined one
A Shen Yun flyer predestined in your hands
hoping for you to come

Leaving behind your misconceptions
know that its your heart that calls

The stage of the big theater 

similar to the main stage of the world

On this stage Gods and angels reach out for you
making you understand

Buddhas and Dao's housing in your spirit
filling your realm with lotus flowers

In an interview still moved to tears
you tell the world what just happened

Those dark evil clouds

Those dark evil clouds...penetrating the environment
Lurking all around

Coming from behind...searching for flaws
Sea storms wavering our boats

Looking within...already clear
Where the gap to be found

Believing in Master...with every molecule
Following nothing but Fa

Then suddenly rise...a fear in the heart
Resembling those dark evil clouds

Is this why they're here...an environment suiting them
Debts yet to be paid

Now seeing straight...walking all hardships
Rising the three holy sails

Taking a stance...in Fa rectification
Driven by heavenly winds

Those dark evil clouds...now lacking destination
Returning to the lakes of fire

Gods and Buddhas...smiling with patience
Believing in us all along

Morning exercise

Sitting in discomfort
A realm of pain
Gong evolves from below

Moving but still
Rotating along
Feeling no longer the earth

Pain in the legs
Not in the mind
Slipping into tranquility

End of the ride
Uncrossing my legs
Looking at the sky

A smile in the heart
Seizing the day
Xinxing cultivation awaits...

An element of Law

Returning from the chaotic city
Walked the truth-clarification parade

People around stunned and amazed
All aware, but not

Going back home to peace and quiet
Seeking no comfort in personal affairs

Just sitting their, reading the Fa
Energy mechanisms all around

The Bright Shen Yun Poster

Looking for the right spot 

to hang a Shen Yun poster
Such a powerful Fa implement 

Fa rectification forging ahead

See it hanging there
the bright Shen Yun poster 

Sending it's cosmic message
so steadfast and real

Beaming it's radiance toward sentient beings
leaving them stunned, but unaware 

Don't pass it by, take a good look
Send righteous thoughts to make them aware

A lost Dao

Staring at the water
Quiet and still
Wondering why this world got sour

Earth suffering
Morality low
Deviated so far from the righteous

Already looking within
But not seeing clear
Being in the Dao, but not cultivating

Enduring tribulations
Created long ago
Loosing the grip, not controlling destiny

Sinking further
Not able to rise
Still not aware, that Fa is coming


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