A Letter to the Editor

A Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | June 18, 2001

Dear Editor(s):

A short while ago, for a few days it seemed to me that there were not enough articles submitted for our Dafa website. I understood that we were all so busy that it was not easy to come up with something suitable for publication. Now, on seeing the solicitation for short notes, “In a Few Words”, I thought a lot and felt kind of sorrowful. The following are some of my personal opinions to share with you and other readers.

My thought concerning jotting down one’s own pure insights -

At first to me, the process of writing is a process of enlightenment and it should be systematic. Now that we are validating the Fa wholeheartedly, we are inside the Fa. Thus everything should be crystal-clear to us, no longer foggy; things past or present at our level or below should be as visible to us as fishes inside a glass bowl with nothing hidden.

The idea of writing something down and getting it published should not be blocked out by a notional concern about being a show-off. We can forsake anything of ours so why should we be afraid of being an author? Whatever we write about, the evil associated with it will be eradicated and vanish as ashes or smoke. What we did enlighten to is our own way of enlightenment. To share with fellow practitioners is to help others for their elevation. As Dafa disciples, our writing about own pure insights is actually a serious way of validating the Fa. Besides that, in this special period of time with Fa-rectification, part of our mission is to eliminate the evil for now and to guide future humankind in the time soon to come. Without exception, every Dafa disciple should have something to say as he/she is enlightening to certain principles inside this incomparably immense and boundless Great Fa.

Your repeated calls for papers seems not to bring about a big change, as each and every one of us may have various difficulties. But difficulties should not be our excuses or reasons. The reason lies in our own realizations.

By directly utilizing my supernormal abilities and gong potency in eradicating the evil and rectifying the Fa, I found myself realizing a brand-new concept of cultivation practice during Fa-rectification. Now I fully understand that our elevating and stepping forward towards Consummation is not merely for ourselves but also for a great and solemn mission that’s been waiting for our progress. We must step up to our individual position in the cosmos so as to gain the ability to fulfil our mission. Therefore, we must improve ourselves to the proper level. Meanwhile only this Great Fa and our Benevolent Master can make our elevation possible. The Teacher has already told us clearly that the righteous thoughts of Dafa disciples are all powerful. So how to do it well is up to each of us

Clarifying the truth, sending forth righteous thoughts, and utilizing supernormal abilities are just various ways of validating the Great Fa and eradicating the evil. Isn’t writing about pure insights another way or another form? Great Dao is without any form and so is with all forms. All forms or ways are created by the Fa and thus any form or any way may be utilized to validate Dafa. Documents and literature are viewable and can be passed on from generation to generation. Also words reflect human language and thoughts.

Two more points to ponder –

Master left the remaining evil inside The Three Realms for us disciples to establish our mighty virtues and enlighten to higher principles of the Fa so as to elevate to each one’s highest prenatal position. This way provides the opportunity for some disciples to step forward away from human or warped notions. I think this is the last chance for our integrated elevation or integrated sublimation. Master says that we are in it all together as an integrated entity. To me, we are of one life interconnecting different realms or levels. No single one disciple should be dropped down; it will be our eternal regret if any one is lost. We Must Collectively Advance Further!

The evil will soon be eliminated totally. Then will it all be over and nothing important left for us to do after that? I don’t think so. I sensed that Master seriously and solidly revealed to us things in the future and their associated problems in his “Teaching the Fa at the 2001 Canada Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference”. I hope most of you feel the same as I do on this subject.

Master Li has tried everything to make us enlightened and let us elevate. Human words cannot describe his benevolence and it is beyond my capability to express my unlimited gratitude for his mercy.

The above is some of my shallow realizations for your viewing.


A Dafa Disciple

Translated on June 5th, 2001 from an edited version of

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