A Reincarnation Story: Grandfather Became a Grandson

Lu Zhang

PureInsight | August 17, 2013

[PureInsight.org] There are many reincarnation stories around the world. During the Qing Dynasty in China, a famous Chinese writer named Li Qing Chen wrote a reincarnation story that Li ran into personally.

The story happened in some eastern part of today’s Guangdong Province in China. A Qing Dynasty government official once married a daughter from an intellectual family. The daughter’s father was an erudite. Later on, the official and his wife had three sons. The first and second sons were both very interested in Chinese literature studies and spent most of their time reading. The youngest son, however, did not say single word after he was born. Everyone thought that this boy was deaf and mute. The official had also given up on his youngest son and did not teach this boy anything.

One day, the official asked his two elder sons to write an article on a certain topic while the father left the house to visit a relative. The two sons started thinking about the paper. They spent quite some time trying to figure out how to begin the essay, yet they simply did not know how. Just when the boys were extremely frustrated, the youngest son came over, suddenly opened his mouth and began to talk. The little boy told his brothers how they should write the essay. The two brothers were both completely astonished. “Aren’t you deaf and mute? How can you suddenly speak now?” The little boy tried to calm his brothers down and told them not to panic. The boy said that he simply remembered his previous life’s experience and asked his brothers to give him a pen. “Let me write the essay for you,” the boy said. The two brothers believed in their youngest brother and gave the little boy a pen. The boy took the pen and began writing the essay. The boy wrote the article so smoothly that he left his two older brothers in complete awe. Very soon, the little boy finished the essay.

Later that day, the boys’ father returned home and decided to check on his sons’ essay. The father was very moved by the article and said, “The essay is full of intelligent thoughts; it feels like your grandfather’s writing style. I do not think you boys could have come up with such an excellent article. Tell me, did you copy this article from somewhere else?” The two brothers decided they could no longer hide the truth and told their father how this article was written.

The father was very surprised. He asked his youngest son to come over and kept asking him about the article. The boy kept silent in the beginning, but under his father’s heavy grilling, the boy opened his mouth and said to his father, “I have been keeping silent for all these years, but today, out of a sudden urge and interest, I decided to write that article. I am afraid I must tell you the truth now. Alas, I was your father-in-law in my previous life. In my previous life, I was taking a nap one day, but suddenly, my main spirit left my body and went to my son-in-law’s house. As soon as I got inside the house, I fell on the ground and felt cold all over my body. I opened my eyes and found that I had become a naked baby. I saw my daughter resting on the bed after a recent delivery. I immediately realized that I had reincarnated, and my previous life had finished. At the time, I cried so loudly. Later on, I gradually came to understand the cycles of one’s life: birth, age, illness and death. It is the principle for ordinary people in society. What makes me extremely uncomfortable is that my daughter and son-in-law in my previous life have now become my parents. The parent-child relationship is completely messed up for me, which is why I have kept silent for all these years and why everyone thinks I am deaf and mute.” The little boy cried loudly after he told his father this story of his reincarnation experience. The father was really shocked and told the story to his wife. The wife checked the little boy’s birth date, and it was indeed the same day her father passed away. The boy’s mother felt terribly sad.

Later on, the little boy told his father and mother that he wanted to go to a temple to become a Buddhist monk; he wanted to get away from his messed up parent-child relationship. The boy’s parents agreed and let the boy go. When Li Qing Chen recorded this story, the boy was already in his forties, diligently practicing Buddhism in a monastery.

There are so many reincarnation stories throughout human history. Today when we are faced with such solid stories, we really need to think twice about this atheism concept that we have been taught. Atheism is a wrong assumption, and we must get away from such a misconception in order to genuinely understand who we are.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/node/118921

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