Don’t Play with One’s Vow

A Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | June 6, 2014

[] Back in the 90s, two young people in my hometown village decided to get married. The young man was very poor, he had trouble gathering 120 Yuan needed for the wedding engagement. My father learnt of the news and offered to help out the young man. My father then gathered all the money that he had accumulated through the years of doing his business and gave 120 Yuan to the young fellow. Soon afterwards, the young couple got married.

Five years later, the young couple had their first son. My father casually talked to the young man about the money he had lent him for his marriage and the young man denied it. The young man even gave my father a vow that if he had taken any money from him, his kid would die. The young man’s father heard about the vow and rebuked his son right away, saying how one could make such a brutal vow. My father then decided to keep quiet on this issue as he realized that the young man wasn’t going to pay him back.

One year later, the young man’s wife gave birth to a baby girl, but the girl died right after birth. The whole family was terribly saddened by such a loss, and no one knew why such a terrible thing would happen to the family. The young man, on the other hand, knew exactly why this had happened to him.

People used to pay great attention to one’s vows; one won’t casually make serious vows. People used to believe in the existence of deities, they knew that deities were watching over them. If they made vows, those vows would sooner or later be fulfilled.

After the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) took power in China, the regime started to systemically destroy traditional cultures and beliefs. Chinese people had been taught to abandon their beliefs in any kind of religions and started to regard religion as some kind of superstition. They stopped believing in the existence of deities. Chinese people had thus lost their awe and respect towards deities and as a result they were not afraid of anything. They would say and do anything. Lies and vows came out of their mouths without the slightest touch of their conscience. People made vows as if they were simply uttering some playful remarks.

The CCP has its plan, it wants the Chinese people to disregard the seriousness of one’s vows, it wants the Chinese people to put aside their own rationalities and act like a fool. In this way, the CCP can easily manipulate its own people. That’s why people in China will have to join in the so-called Junior League Team in the elementary school, become a member of the so-called Young League Team in the high school and finally become a member of the CCP in college. The CCP regime treats such people as models for the rest so that everyone will follow suit. When a person joins those CCP affiliated organizations, he will have to make a serious vow, indicating that he will fight to his death for the sake of communism in China. Many people don’t think too much when they are making such a vow before they join in the CCP as they have already been taught that one can easily brush away any vows without any consequences whatsoever. However, the evil CCP regime doesn’t think so; it knows very clearly that once one has made such a vow to itself, such a person has basically sold his soul to the CCP. So, it is a very evil and brutal vow that one makes before the CCP. One has unknowingly sold oneself to the CCP. Once one has joined the CCP after making such a vow, one is no longer a descendant of the Chinese people. One has actually become an offspring of the Communist regime, and one has thus bound oneself to the CCP.

Fortunately, Falun Dafa is now wide spread in the world. People are given one more chance to redeem themselves; even the CCP itself was once given the chance to re-address itself in the history of humanity. However, the evil CCP went ahead and decided to persecute Falun Dafa. In June of 2002, one natural stone dated 2700 million years old in China’s Guizhou Province revealed a heavenly secret, the stone somehow formed a line of Chinese characters on its surface and those Chinese characters stood to mean that the Chinese Communist Party was doomed. People were really surprised to see such a natural wonder. It is obvious that Heaven had already condemned the CCP. In November of 2004, the famous overseas’ Chinese newspaper “The Epoch Times” published a series of articles called “The nine commentaries on CCP” which revealed the evil nature of the CCP. People started to realize how wicked the CCP had been ever since it was initiated in China. The newspaper also started a campaign to help people quit their CCP memberships and cut their ties with the CCP. People are thus given one last chance to sign off from their bandage contracts with the evil CCP. Up till now, more than 1600 million people have already quit their memberships from CCP and other CCP affiliated organizations.

One really should not play with one’s vows. Even though one might have made a brutal vow under the evil influence of the CCP, one’s future is still doomed if one doesn’t want to sign off such a vow. Essentially, one has become an element of the CCP, and one will have to face one’s share of consequences when the CCP is finally condemned due to its enormous crimes against humanity.

Right now, we are in the process of marching into a brand new era, Falun Gong has given every sentient being a chance to choose his/her own future. It’s up to everyone’s own determination to decide whether or not one wants to grasp this chance to resurrect from one’s past.


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