Return of a Rebellious Girl

Xin Cheng

PureInsight | June 28, 2014

[] Nowadays the society is too complicated. To parents with daughters, when the daughters are at puberty, they worry most about the daughters going on the wrong path. To girls at this age, they are not very knowledgeable of this society. Therefore they are very easily enticed by this society which is full of temptations. Especially those who just started to understand love, their imaginations for the future are too unrealistic that if not handled well, they might conduct something that they will regret for the rest of life. So what correct reference and guidance can we give children and parents? Let us look at a real story.

There was a talented girl named He Wenting at the No. 2 High School in Dao County in Yongzhou city in Hunan Province. Little Wenting was born in 1986. Even though her family was poor, she was very smart. She was a relatively famous writer and painter when she was in school. She gained many awards at the essay competitions at the province level or higher. Her fiction, cartoon, etc. were published on national newspapers. She joined the writers association of Yongzhou city at the age of fourteen. She was what both teachers and students considered to be the talented girl. Hence, she was quite famous locally.

With a child this outstanding, parents should worry less and have a great future right? However, under the influence of various unhealthy information and trends in the society, she became fascinated by infatuation under the age of eighteen. She separated with her family and left home to live a bizarre life.

How difficult it is for a girl under twenty to live in the society! With disappointments and confusions, she became very puzzled and helpless. One day, by a chance, she met Falun Gong practitioners who were telling people the truth of Falun Gong. She learned that Falun Dafa is the true great law for cultivation from the Buddhist school. She understood the meaning of human life. Since then, she started the path of cultivation. She left the goalless and bizarre past and began to be a good person according to principles of Truth-Compassion-Tolerance.

After cultivation, Wenting gave up many bad habits and got back together with her family. She admitted to her parents the mistakes she made, showed filial piety to her parents, and cared for her brothers. She also diligently studied new knowledge and worked very hard. Afterwards, she married Huang Guangyu, a graduate from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts as an oil painting major and a research associate studying post-modern China at a graduate school. The couple was both committed to the composition of art and has composed many excellent products. The talents of Wenting were put into full use and development.

Wenting said more than once, “When I was most confused and painful, it was Falun Dafa that took me out of that swirl. I’m really lucky that Dafa saved me and let me understand the true meaning of human life. It was Falun Dafa that built me into who I am today. Otherwise, there would be one more lost young girl in the society…”

From Wenting’s experience, we can see that the loss of a young girl is not only caused by sentimental elements, but also the lack of beliefs and understanding of values of life. Even for some adults, don’t they also often do some things that break the hearts of their family members? Digging deeper, this is the reason as well. Without beliefs, people can hardly find their true selves. Consequently, they cannot assume the responsibility for individuals, families, or even the society. The return of He Wenting gave us, especially the parents, a good suggestion: When you or your children are confused with life, it’s the best if you take a look at the books of Falun Gong. Maybe they will really solve the confusion in your heart, and help you walk out of the fetters of sentimentality and confusion.

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