In Remembrance of My Ninety Nine Year Old Mother who Passed Away While Meditating Cross-Legged

Xinyu Cai from Liaoning Province

PureInsight | June 6, 2014

[] My mother was born during the time before the Xinhai Revolution led by Sun Yat-Sen, in a plain peasant family inhabiting a remote mountainous area in Liaoning Province. My mother was uneducated due to being from a poor rural family; she gave birth to ten children after her marriage. I am the only one that remains. Having lived through five dynasties and having suffered various hardships, she was a genuine farmer who had seen much of the world. All she knew was to assist her husband to support their poor family throughout her life. Being the only son, I became a focus of life for my seventy four year old mother after my father died in 1981. My mother never took advantage of other people; she was adamant and benevolent, spared no pains to help others, and made no concession. Regardless of whether people were elderly or youngsters, everyone from my town got along famously with her. She had many experiences throughout her life and endless stories to tell.

By the time I obtained the Fa in 1995, she was already eighty-nine years old. She was ecstatic to learn that Falun Dafa is the highest Fa. She gave her full support for having the practice site and group Fa study at home. She liked listening to PuDu, Jishi, and Master’s lectures, she recited “Falun Dafa is good; Zhen Shan Ren is good” every day. Since beginning Falun Dafa cultivation, she quit smoking and had regained her health. She had no injections, took no medicine, and had never been admitted into hospital. Whenever she was under the weather, she would listen to Master’s lectures and exercised with the group and would bounce back in no time.

My mother suffered tribulations after July 20, especially after my wife (also a fellow practitioner) died in 2000. With my two sons and two daughters working in another town, my ninety something mother lived with me. I was abducted twice by Chinese Communist Party and got out with righteous thoughts; however, I was forced to flee my home for a long time. I paid visits to her secretly every once and a while. As old as she was, she lived alone having to worry about me. The vicious police came to my home four times. Under Master’s protection, I sensed that I should leave home before they came, resulting in the police’s failure to capture me. My mother even righteously accused them of persecuting the good. She said to them, “You ask around about my family, which have been living here since the Qing dynasty and have been good citizens for generations. I am almost a 100-year-old person. Bring me back the only son I have. Where have you taken him? You are responsible for this! Why do you dare to disturb me every so often? What’s wrong with you? I tell you that I’ll speak to your superior asking for my son even if you don’t come to disturb me!” They never came to my house after that fearing that my nearly 100 year old mother would cause them trouble.

The Fa study group at my house has never been interrupted and all practitioners who participate in the group study are elderly. They study the Fa at my place and also help me with looking after my mother. My mother was very self-reliant, needing no tending and doing everything herself—preparing meals and taking care of grandchildren. While I was away from home, I studied the Fa once a week or sometimes twice a week. When I studied the Fa at home, my mother would guard the entrance. I studied the Fa and then practiced the 5 exercises. When I meditated, my mother did so with me.

After 2004, I stopped leaving home and set up a material production site at my place, maintaining computers and printers for other material production sites with the techniques that I learnt while I was away from home. In 2007, when my mother was about to reach her 100th birthday, my children wanted to celebrate it, however with only three months to go for her birthday, my mother became ill with Anasarca and pains in the region of heart. I said to her, “Do you have faith in Master and Dafa? Or do you want to go to the hospital? It is acceptable if you choose the latter since you are not officially cultivating!” She replied, “Am I not officially cultivating?! I’ve been having faith in Master and the Fa, abiding by the Fa and Master’s requirements all these years! I won’t go to the hospital; I will instead listen to Master. You play Master’s lecture recording for me. There is nothing to be worried about.” I then played Master’s lectures, one lecture a day, and accompanied her whilst doing the 5th exercise. By the fourth time we reached the seventh lecture, a fellow practitioner brought me a message asking me to repair a computer. I told my mother, she said, “You go ahead. It’s been like this for years. I can manage myself and I’ll be fine. Bring me some corn flour noodles when you come home. I’d like some.” When I came back home, I saw my mother who was facing the window and was sitting in bed. I said, “Mum, I’m home, I couldn’t get corn flour noodles. I’ll cook some porridge now and buy some corn flour noodles some other place this afternoon.” I said it to her twice, but got no response. When I approached her, I saw that she was meditating cross-legged with her hands in Jieyin (conjoining the hands) and had passed away with a smile on her face! It was one more month to her 100th birthday.

I said to my children, relatives, and friends, “I deeply regret that I hurt her by saying that she wasn’t officially cultivating!” What is official cultivation? All Master wants is our hearts! It isn’t external manifestations that matter. Master said, “So if somebody just does these few sets of movements every day, you think he counts as a Falun Dafa disciple? Probably not. The reason is, when you truly cultivate you have to discipline yourself with that character standard we talk about, you have to really improve your own character, and then, and only then, is it true cultivation.” (Zhuan Falun) My mother thought of others first her entire life. For years, we have been listening to and complying with Master’s teachings, endeavoring to cultivate diligently, doing the three things well, and trying every means possible to save sentient beings!


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