Master’s Vast and Mighty Grace

PureInsight | August 20, 2014

[] Each time when talking about Dafa with fellow practitioners, I have very deep feelings. Today with my grateful heart, I would like to share with fellow practitioners a miraculous experience I had before and after my obtaining the Fa. This is for recalling with gratitude the compassion of Master and validation of the greatness of Dafa.

This happened when the big earthquake struck Tang Shan in 1976, before I obtained the Fa. The whole downtown area of Tang Shan city was wiped out. Myself and some fellow workers, whom I was living in the same dormitory with, were buried in the wreckage of our building. I thought my chest and both of my legs were broken, which was unbearably painful. I had great difficulty breathing and could not move at all because there was something heavy on my chest. I could only think of one thing: Someone please help me! When I thought I could endure no more, a young fellow in a white shirt appeared in front of me. He first wiped the dirt off my face, then removed the cement roof beam pressing on my chest, I immediately felt a great deal of relief, and could breath properly again. I thought that my boyfriend had come to rescue me; however he didn’t continue to get me out of the wreckage, instead he turned around and disappeared into the night after seeing that I could breathe and would survive.

It was not until 11 o’clock the next morning when I was pulled out of the wreckage by rescue workers. I found out later that out of the more than 10 women in our dormitory, only one other woman and I had survived. In addition, the cement beam and rooftop that had pressed on my chest weighed several tons in total.

My boyfriend came to visit me after 2 pm that day. I asked him, “Why did you leave after pulling me out?” He said, “I was on duty at the coal mine when the Earthquake happened, I didn’t have any time to come to your factory, how could I have saved you?” Later, I searched for the man who saved me for more than 20 years but failed to find him.

It was not until Spring of 1998, when I was introduced to Falun Dafa by some friends. I was suffering from many kinds of diseases with no cure, and living was really no better than death to me at that time. The enigma that had puzzled me for many years since the Earthquake was finally answered. When I was watching the video of Master’s Fa teaching in Guangzhou, I recognized Him at once. Master Li Hongzhi was the young man who saved me in the big Tang Shan earthquake more than 20 years ago. The attire and appearance of Master right after the Earthquake was a mirror image of that in the video. I couldn’t help but cry. It turned out that my life-saving benefactor was great Master Li Hongzhi. From then on I walked my cultivation path of Dafa firmly.

In no time Master cleansed my body, and all the diseases that had troubled me for many years disappeared. Only then did I realize what it is like to have a light body without any disease. Later I got the treasured book Zhuan Falun; however I was illiterate because I had not attended school. I then pleaded to Master in my heart, “Master, I want to be literate, I want to read the book and study the Fa, please help me Master.” As such, when attending group Fa Study, I recognized one character after another by pointing at them with my finger when other practitioners were reading. Gradually I recognized more and more characters. Later I could gradually follow the other practitioners reading slightly. Now, not only can I read through Zhuan Falun fluently, but also I can read all of Master’s Fa teachings at different places and the new scriptures.

I felt as if I had changed into another person, I couldn’t close my smiling mouth; it was as if I was a kid who had just found her mother after being separated from her and having lost touch with her for many years. When talking about the graces Master has given, they really are countless. Master not only saved my life, cured all the diseases that had troubled me for many years, but also taught a 60 year old lady (me) to read and made it possible for me to walk safely along the path of helping Master to rectify the Fa. Even if I use the most beautiful words in the world, I still cannot express my thankfulness to Master. The graces Master has given to me are really “vast and mighty”!

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