Regarding an Article “I Was Asked for Help to Quit CCP in a Dream”

PureInsight | February 13, 2015

[] I read an article from Minghui website which was written by a Dafa disciple’s family in Shan Dong recently. The author said, “I have a classmate who died in a car accident. One night in 2011, I saw the classmate, a ghost, in a dream. She was standing in front of a tomb in a remote area. She was so pitiful and sad. One month later I dreamed of her again. She said, ‘Quit the CCP for me!’ I said, ‘Which one do you want to quit?’ She said, ‘Quit the Youth League membership and CCP membership.’ After saying this she smiled at me and disappeared.

When I woke up, I told my mother about what happened. My mother was a Dafa disciple. My mother asked me, ‘Did she join the Party and Youth League?’ I said she did. My mother helped her to declare quitting the CCP membership and Youth League membership.

One night last year, I saw her in my dream. Her face was beautiful this time. I said, ‘How come you are so beautiful?’ She was very happy and said that she went to a good place.

I dreamed of her again this year. She was very anxious and said, ‘The time is coming soon. Go to my house and ask them to quit.’ Her father and sister were CCP members. Since I was not a Dafa disciple, I decided to find other Dafa disciples to help her family to quit the CCP.”

After reading the above story, I thought about the story I read on a website: The former Chinese leader Zhao Ziyang’s secretary dreamed of Zhao Ziyang and asked him for help to quit the CCP. I also read a story about Su Qian at Intermediate Court in Shihezi, Xinjiang who revived and told people about quitting CCP.

Some people might not believe them, and they thought they were “superstition.” However, no matter whether you believe it or not, these stories have truly happened. Chinese communist announced “atheism,” and they do not let people believe the existence of Buddha and god. But there were stories about good and evil which had spread so far. People realized that things which did not appear did not mean they did not exist. Some phenomena had been verified by scientists. People should think about these examples to have inspiration. We should try to think about what they wanted to tell us, and how we made the choice.

The Berlin Wall has collapsed for twenty-five years, and “Communist International” had disintegrated over twenty years. There are only a few communist evil regimes left to cause havoc on people. The book “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party” was published for over ten years now and helped over 180 million people to quit the CCP in China. Udumbara flowers had blossomed, and the stone in Guizhou showed that “God will destroy CCP.”

I advised people to read “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party” and understand the evil’s essence. Then you could break through the thoughts which were transfused by the CCP culture, ideas, and atheism. Please do not miss your chance to quit the CCP evil organizations and choose a good future for yourself!

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