I Am the Only One Left

PureInsight | February 13, 2015


Greetings to honorable and merciful Master!

Greetings to fellow practitioners!

The company I am working at used to be a very famous one in China. It engages in the business of agricultural and livestock product sales. I work in the division of product quality examinations. As a Falun Gong practitioner, I always maintain strict standards in my work and never falsify any data. I experienced pressures from both my supervisor and colleagues in my work. My supervisor once labeled me as someone who had a very poor enlightenment quality; my colleagues also called me “stubborn”, etc. Nonetheless, through the waves of company layoffs, I am the last one still remaining in the division. Of the initial fifteen people in my division, I am the only one to have remained after all the layoffs.

It is not an easy job for me to work in the division of product quality examinations. Nowadays, with the downward spiral of morality in society, people are only interested in monetary gains.

I often come across product supplier salespersons who try hard to bribe me to get an easy pass for their products. The data I collect in my experiments on a supplier’s product is very crucial. Good data can result in a superior price advantage. I am a Falun Dafa practitioner, so I follow the principle of “Zhen” (truthfulness), and I always refuse to take any bribes. Some salespersons don’t easily give up, and they would call me again and again, but I would say no to them each and every time.

Once one of my colleagues approached me and took me to a corner where no one could see us. The colleague then whispered, “Hey, sister, if you raise the quality level for this product up to two percent, the supplier salesperson promised me that he would give us 100 Yuan for each ton. That’s not a small amount.” I immediately realized what was going on. I told this colleague that I practiced Falun Dafa, so I wouldn’t do such a thing. I also asked the colleague not to engage in such deals as they would bring losses to the company as well as to the colleague herself. The colleague pouted and said, “You are really stubborn. You don’t even want to accept such easy money. Fine, but promise me you won’t let the supervisor know about this conversation.” I told the colleague that I wouldn’t say anything to the supervisor. I mentioned to her that Falun Gong practitioners wouldn’t engage in such underhand activities.

I thought that this incident was over by then. However, what happened later on surprised me.

When I started my examinations on the supplier’s raw material, I found that the data was extremely good. I realized something was not right based on my years of experience. I then decided to redo my lab data collection. I made a brand new solution to exam the product’s quality. I kept a close eye on my solution and finished the whole lab work. In the end, I got a more reasonable set of data. It was very obvious that someone had tainted my previous examination solution. The colleague who had asked me to raise the quality level for the product was standing behind me all the time while I did my work. She tried to make sure nothing was going on with her, but I knew it must be she who had tainted the solution. When I showed the data to the supervisor, this colleague of mine became very agitated. I didn’t talk to this colleague, but we all knew what had happened. I didn’t blame her and still smiled at her. I understood that this colleague lived in fear all the time. She was just trying to get some quick money for herself. Yes, she had created trouble for me, but she had also given me virtue in the process. I felt sorry for her.

Soon afterwards, I noticed that my supervisor had a cold face towards me. However, this supervisor was very friendly to the colleague who had asked me to falsify the data. I said to myself, “This colleague must have said something to the supervisor behind my back. I have been very nice to her, yet she is treating me like that. Should I talk to the supervisor about everything?” Right then, the following teaching from Zhuan Falun came into my mind: “How could ordinary people tolerate this? How could they tolerate that kind of mistreatment? ‘He does bad things to me, I’ll do bad things to him. He has people on his side, but I have people on my side, too. Let’s fight.’ Around ordinary people, if you do that, ordinary people will say you’re strong. But for a practitioner, that would be just awful. If you fight and struggle like an ordinary person, you are an ordinary person. And if you did it with more gusto than him, then you’re not even as good as that ordinary person.” I was immediately released from such a burden.

Later on, I was asked to do a quality examination for another supplier’s raw materials. My data showed that the quality for this material was poor, so I didn’t let it pass. This time, however, the supervisor was giving me a hard time. After I told the supervisor about the results, the supervisor asked me to take a new sample and redo the test. I worked overtime, but the result was still the same. The supervisor then asked me again to take another five samples and do the test yet again. I had to work extended hours to finish the test. My eyes were filled with tears. My colleague sneered at me and said, “Look, you really don’t know what the supervisor wants?” Of course I understood what the supervisor was trying to do. The follow teaching from Zhuan Falun popped up in my mind: “But nowadays it’s being used by ordinary people to refer to somebody who’s clever, or who knows what’s on his boss’s mind and can pick up on it right away, somebody who’s good at pleasing his boss. People say that that’s somebody who’s good at enlightening to things. People often understand it that way. But if you jump out of this level of ordinary people and get to a level slightly higher, you’ll find that what ordinary people see as the truth is usually wrong. But for us, ‘enlightening’ is totally different from that kind of enlightening.” I immediately knew what I should do. When I presented the same result for the third times to the supervisor, the supervisor finally accepted the result begrudgingly.

Many of my colleagues often told me that I was just dumb to not accept easy money in my work. Well just like what Master mentioned in Zhuan Falun: “Of course it’s not really being dumb. It’s only that we take lightly those things that have to do with self-interest, when it comes to other things we’re plenty smart. When we work on a scientific research project, or, say, when our supervisor gives us an assignment, or when we’re completing our tasks, we do a great job with crystal-clear thinking.” Practicing Falun Gong has improved my capabilities at work. I have been responsible for many publications in my division. Whenever there is something that needs to be written, my supervisor would often ask me to do the job.

As the overall agricultural product market became sluggish, my company also became stagnant in its growth. Layoffs started kicking in. At the very beginning, there were fifteen employees in my division. In the end, I was the only one still left working for the division. My supervisor had once blamed me for my poor enlightenment quality, but how could I be the last remaining employee? This indicates that Falun Dafa cultivators are good citizens, Falun Gong practitioners withstand the tests of time and they are respected. The evil CCP’s crackdown on Falun Gong is against the trend of history. Falun Gong practitioners’ shining images are manifestations of the power of Falun Gong itself.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/node/138082

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