Why not Feeling Good When Eating

PureInsight | February 13, 2015

[PureInsight.org] Some time ago I was busy binding a batch of desk calendars. For more than 10 consecutive days, I often slept late in the night. At first, I listened to some stories of traditional culture while doing the job. I found they were thought-provoking and they really benefited me a lot. A few days later, I occasionally watched TV programs of NTDTV, and was soon attracted by a Korean TV episode. After that, I wouldn’t go to sleep without watching one episode after finishing the binding job every time. I kept watching for more than 10 episodes until the end. Watching TV episode of ordinary people can easily arouse the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures of human. In those days the interference was really big, my heart wasn’t calm anymore and the contents of the Korean episode appeared in my mind from time to time, I even sympathized a character in the episode.

Those several days when I watched Korean episode, I experienced anorexia and unwilling to eat. I didn’t think carefully the reason at that time. Just the other day, I happened to read an article "Clear Stream" published by Zhengjian several months ago. It mentioned anorexia may be the result of a guilty conscience when people have done something against moral values. They tend to decrease the amount of water or beverage they drink. More researches have proven that people’s conduct will even affect their health conditions. And this has confirmed the principle told by ancient people that good will be rewarded and bad will be punished.

I began to reflect on my own conduct, was there anything immoral? When seeing handsome boys and beautiful girls in the Korean TV series, involuntarily I felt good. When watching the protagonist in the TV series, it’s hard for me to dismiss him from my mind because of my deep feelings, I was very sympathetic and compassionate to him. My mind was moved so much and it was very hard for me to calm down. The tranquility in cultivation had been infringed upon. Fitful of waves arouse in my peaceful mind. I was thinking why I was moved? I had been cultivating Dafa for nearly 20 years and I had been cutting off the lust between husband and wife for 8 years, and why I was affected by the Korean TV series? Maybe it was because I was too attached to feelings and the love feelings of young age still existed in my heart. Actually since I began cultivation, I had been always trying hard to put away this feeling. It has become almost non-existent. But only because I watched Korean TV series, the feeling revived. This time I failed to do well in the test and my cultivation had already retrogressed. In ordinary people’s opinion, watching Korean TV series is normal. But a cultivator has higher standard of requirements and not attached to anything in the human world, and unaffected by any temptation in the human world. Those thoughts in my mind when watching the Korean TV series, when measured by higher standard, are immoral conducts.

It has been over time since this happened and my heart has gradually regained the serenity of the past. I made up my mind secretly: I wouldn’t allow myself to be attracted by Korean TV series in the future and I am a cultivator, I have higher standard of requirements.


Translated from http://www.zhengjian.org/node/137682




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