Never Listening to Rumors Again, Chinese Couple Saw Two Shenyun Shows

PureInsight | February 23, 2015

[] A Chinese couple Mr. Guan and Mrs. Guan, who have been living in U.S for 25 years, saw two consecutive Shenyun shows at Lyric Performing Arts Center in Baltimore for the first time this year.

They had the most expensive tickets sitting right in the middle in the front rows..

“The tickets of Saturday were bought by our son as a Christmas gift,” Mr. Guan said. He did not take the show seriously in the beginning, as he listened to and believed rumors about how bad the show is and the audience will be small. As a result he was late and missed the first half. He and his wife realized the show was really good half way into the second half. They decided then to watch it again the next day and bought the most expensive tickets.”

Mr. Guan regretted for listening to rumors. He said: “I found the theatre was full yesterday. I would never listen to other people’s rumors in the future, and I can find out what it is by coming to see myself. ”

Mr. Guan was surprised at the high artistic merit of Shen Yun. The dances are highly technical and the dancers have real abilities. To his surprise, the selected dancers are so good at a place where there are so few Chinese people. Mr. Guan said: “These programs are all representing Chinese culture, and the power of compassion of Falun Gong is manifested. I am proud of being a Chinese, I also hope Shenyun can make a success. Chinese people can make progress in US and the western world, we feel very happy.”

Mrs. Guan said she was also misled by rumors: “When I came to watch, I didn’t expect it can be so good, I was surprised. In the future we would be regular customers of Shenyun.”


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