Opera Festival: Collecting Signatures Indicting the Chief Offenders Who Persecuted Falun Gong

Guang Du

PureInsight | December 1, 2015


You Can’t Judge a Person Based on Appearance

At the Wagner Opera Festival, flyers and petition signing are mainly targeted to those wearing evening dresses and suits. Those who are less well-heeled (e.g. casually dressed or even wearing shorts) should be targeted as well. As it turns out, that person could be a reporter. There were a few signatures I collected where only afterwards I realized that the person was a reporter. One time, I saw that many reporters were setting up equipment around the flower bed at the Wagner Opera festival, and I went over to ask for signatures and pass out flyers. One of them then told me, “I already signed over where you were.” Because he was wearing shorts, I thought him to be a tourist, but he was actually a reporter. They are all lives we must save, so we cannot judge by people’s clothing. It was raining during that day, and you could not find a single person on the street wearing formal attire. But the majority of those people were audience members; the attire is not important. Not leaving behind a single sentient being is what’s important.

I Was Unknowingly Reported On in a Positive Light

At 2 o’clock in the morning on the first day of the banquet, out came an ordinary looking girl. I asked her how many people were still inside and whether there were a lot of VIPs. She said, “There are still a lot—perhaps at least 400 people.” I asked her to help to spread the truth and gave her a brochure. Three weeks later, a fellow practitioner sent me a report from a local mainstream newspaper. As it turns out, on the second day, that girl wrote a report on what she observed at the opening ceremony of the opera festival and banquet. In the last paragraph of her article, she mentioned our encounter. It was just a few words, but it was written in a very positive light: “Even at 2 in the morning, Falun Gong is still at the entrance of the VIP banquet at the Wagner Opera festival delivering their truth clarification materials. They believe that VIPs are important people, and that all VIPs ought to know of the situation where 2 million Falun Gong practitioners are being subjected to live organ harvesting. They wish to call on all VIPs to play their role in giving support on the basis of righteousness and justice to put a stop to this type of persecution.

Opera Festival Audience Members Come From Upper Classes

At the opera festival, many people come to sign the petition or collect flyers, and from the looks of it, these people all come with a purpose. Many of them bring bodyguards and secretaries. But there are others who are simply couples coming to watch the play, or families that come to watch. These people have tickets every year and come without making a big commotion, yet they may very well be a president of a certain Konzern business group. For example, one afternoon, just as a couple was about to receive a flyer, a camera emitted a successive flash of light. As it turns out, the cameraman had recognized the status of the couple. The couple was already accustomed to being regarded as public figures, and did not criticize the cameraman. The next day, I asked the cameraman, “Was the couple you photographed yesterday important people”? Why did you repeatedly take pictures? The cameraman who hangs about in the Opera house day in and day out said, “That is the governor of Dresden!”

So we are diligent in arousing every signee to become live media so that Jiang, CCP culprit, can be sued on all fronts and the entire population opposes the persecution. We do not differentiate based on the signee’s rank or status. When we don’t know the person’s status, we are able to clarify the truth more naturally. The Wagner Opera Festival is a vanity fair – those who come as viewers are all those with some status in mainstream society. They will bring the truth in all directions. They are ordinary lives, but are also live media in curbing and stopping the persecution.

Germany is the Nation of Morality

In Chinese, “Germany” means the nation of morality. When we say this to audience members, they all find it astonishing. But every signee – whether, impressive-looking or ordinary – all say in unison that they find Germany’s dead body exhibition most revolting. Our promotion called upon people to become live media with the hope that they do not attend that exhibit. In the vicinity of the factory that manufactures the corpses are three detention centers that imprison Falun Gong practitioners. The most prosperous period of the dead body exhibit was precisely when the persecution of Falun Gong was at its summit.

Interesting Highlights from the Daily Signature-Collecting

A 40-year-old main stream visitor took our materials, had a look, and then asked, “Will you still be here during the halftime intermission”? A practitioner told him that we will be exercising on the down slope of the hills, and that he could come and watch.

One person who took our materials had already learned the practice once before. As soon as he went home, he ordered the book Zhuan Falun online.

A couple of roughly 30-years-old had a look at the title on our flyers: “2 million Falun Gong practitioners' live organs were harvested” and they immediately signed the petition. As soon as one of them finishing signing, the pen was handed over to the other to sign.

There was another elegantly audience member who said, “Falun Gong? I’ll first say that I have my own beliefs, but after hearing the truth, I saw that it wasn’t trying to get me to change my belief, but to allow me to support Falun Gong on the basis of righteousness and justice. So I signed…”

There was another German girl of around 16 years old. She came over on her own accord, saying how she knew about this matter. Her mom had signed it, and today she wanted to sign as well. She had attended elementary school in Beijing, China, and her mandarin was excellent. She signed with her Chinese name.

There was another family of three who said they already had brochures and wished us continued success.

There was another businessman who saw clearly the situation in mainland China, “In China, the party is the party, and the people are the people. The people are good, the party is bad.”

One girl said that she knew about the situation in China and signed without hesitation. When I asked her why she signed, she said that she understood China, and had lived there in the past.

On August 23rd, there were a lot of new faces, but there was also a lot of old faces. Thus, during the theater’s break time we demonstrated the Falun Gong exercises.

One person who had taken a brochure asked for another one to give to friends.

Lot of passerbys tell us, “We’ve read the flyers. You need to persist in doing this, and we wish you even greater success.”

There were also a lot of Japanese, French, and English speaking audience members. Some people – upon hearing the suing of the dictator Jiang Zemin, support Falun Gong on the basis of righteousness and justice.


Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/node/147655


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