The Attachment to Comfort is a Loophole

A Dafa Disciple from Liaoning

PureInsight | July 21, 2016

 [] I joined the local Fa study group last November. Because I worked at an individual company, I studied the Fa and did the exercises at night. My cultivation was very poor.

Now everything is better. My husband no longer lets me work. It was difficult letting go at first because I had worked for over a decade and I had a strong attachment to money. Then I thought to myself that since I am almost sixty years old, if he will not let me work, then so be it! This was also a good cultivation opportunity. Our Fa study group has around ten people. Every day we study two lectures, send forth righteous thoughts at 6 PM, and do the five exercises.

Last November, our district started handing out calendars again. We have around a thousand calendars. We let elderly practitioners handle the periphery because they are all in their seventies. Four of us go out during the day to distribute truth clarification materials, hang banners, hang panels, stick slogans, and convince people to quit the CCP. We convince tens of people to quit the CCP every day.

Last time because we had extra calendars and they were too heavy to carry the long distance, a practitioner’s niece rode a tricycle to deliver them to us. We split into small groups and distributed them to each and every house. We began in the morning and finished in the afternoon, convinced around 100 people to quit the CCP, and delivered all the calendars. The four of us happened to meet up. One fellow practitioner said, “The road is too long. Let us catch a ride back!” There happened to be an everyday person near us who told us that the bus would arrive in ten minutes. I told them to hurry so we could catch a ride back.

The four of us walked quickly along the wide road. Just as we arrived at the bus stop, a car came by, and the driver said, “You all should get in. I will take you back!” while he was on the phone. We thought that something seemed weird. One fellow practitioner went to clarify the truth to him, but he refused to listen and instead called some people over. Indeed a large white car arrived. The two cars chased us. We walked while sending forth righteous thoughts, asking Master to reinforce us.

When we arrived at the village’s southern cornfield, four or five people got out of a car in the west and came chasing towards us. I realized we could not keep running in empty space and instead had to go towards the village. I had around fifty names of people who were going to quit the CCP. I walked into someone’s house, and the elderly couple was just about to go cut corn stalks. When they saw me, they said, “What are you doing?” I replied, “I cultivate Falun Gong. There are two cars outside chasing after me!” They said, “Do not be frightened! You can stay at my house today.” I said, “I really ran into some nice people today. You will definitely be rewarded with blessings.” I clarified the truth to them and convinced them to quit the CCP. The woman quit, but the man said, “I never joined.” A while later, I called my relatives and asked them to get me home. The other three fellow practitioners all returned safely home under Master’s care.

Through this event, we looked inwards and found that we had the attachment to comfort. We were tired and a bit complacent after distributing eight big bags of materials and convincing around 100 people to quit the CCP, a loophole that the old forces exploited. We were almost persecuted by the evil. This is a loophole, so we had to quickly eliminate it.

We are now all able to use well the precious time that Master has extended for us. Elderly practitioners make banners, panels, adhesives, and truth clarification packages at home. We younger practitioners go to different villages to distribute, hang, stick, explain, and save people. In the process of fulfilling our vows, we use the Fa to rectify our every word, action, and thought, constantly look inwards, cultivate ourselves, keep up with Master’s Fa-rectification requirements, save people, and give Master a satisfactory result.

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