The Reason for Getting a Big Hardship May be Very Small

A Mainland Disciple

PureInsight | April 6, 2019

[] There is an elderly practitioner in our Fa study group. She does the three things diligently, but suddenly there were two serious illnesses happening to her: dizziness, vomiting and not able to get up. Her husband and child were very scared, and they wanted to take her to the hospital. She was determined not to go to the hospital and recovered by sending forth righteous thoughts and reciting Fa. After the two illnesses, she is wondering, “Did I do something wrong? Or is that the persecution from the evil?” However, she could not find the reason. One time, she inadvertently mentioned one thing: when the community staff went to her home for general health examination, she refused at first as practitioners have no health problem. But the community staff asked to take her blood pressure as this is their job. She didn’t think much and just get it measured. Another time, she went to a relative’s home when the relative is measuring the blood pressure. The relative offered to take her blood pressure as well. She thought this is not a big deal since she was not sick anyway. After measuring, the relative said, “it is a little high.”

When she shared about the story at this point, a fellow practitioner in the Fa study group found the issue. “I see the root of your illness. Who is the blood pressure device for? It is for human beings. Are you a human? Even though it is inadvertent, but you still did the measurement. Isn’t this a recognition and asking for illness? You already fallen to a realm same as an ordinary person because only human beings need to measure blood pressure. The old forces caught you and let you have the phenomena of high blood pressure, getting dizzy and vomiting. The elderly practitioner was touched and immediately felt relaxed and bright. It seemed that something grey was drifting away. She doesn’t feel dizzy anymore and said, “If I didn’t realize this, this won’t end so soon.”  

Master said in Fa Teaching Given at the 2014 San Francisco Fa Conference, “That thing may not be something big, though—that attachment is not big, it’s quite small. But because you just cannot perceive it, you are unable to pass the test and you keep staying at the same spot. This is not to say that you have cultivated poorly. You just haven’t thought the matter over seriously and haven’t come to realize that that thing is not in line with cultivation! And if something is not in line with the state of a cultivator or with what a cultivator should have, then it’s a problem! ” Before, when I read Zhuan Falun, I was confused for a long time: Why will the Arhat fall when he is happy or scared. This doesn’t look like a big deal? Later from Fa study, I understand that Fa has different requirements for people in different levels. “Happy” and “Fear” is the behavior in the human level. Arhat is the first Righteous Fruition transcending the Three Realms. “An Arhat should be free of attachments, with a heart that cannot be affected.” (Lecture Six in Zhuan Falun) If Cultivators cannot realize the seriousness of cultivation, they may have a harder time.

There is a practitioner in the local area having serious illness karma. When she felt very painful, she would say I would rather die. And her illness became more and more serious. Later, she denied this thought after communicating with other practitioners. Then she became better gradually. Otherwise she might lose her life. The old forces saw what you are thinking, they are more than happy to let you die.

There was also a displaced female practitioner who was suffering a lot. She didn’t have money to rent a house and she had to avoid police harassment. She once said to a fellow practitioner, “Look at how I am suffering? I would rather die.” The practitioner advised her, “Don’t say that. It’s easy to cause bad things. Don’t let the old forces take advantage of it.” She was depressed and wasn’t serious about that. Later she was arrested and died the next day. If that thought was denied immediately, it might be a different result.

Sometimes, practitioners often talk about family and things at home. Some even talk about fortune telling, geomantic omen and animal year. Some say, “My child bought red underwear for my animal year. Should I wear it?” Some would say, “Then you should wear it. We should be in accordance with the status of ordinary people.” I think, as long as you wear it, you have troubles. The information of these side-path practices is unstable. What cultivators say has energy. If we didn’t eliminate this kind of thoughts, the old forces could cause interference.

A practitioner’s child fought with others and almost got imprisoned. He spent a lot of money to get things settled. When he shared this, he said, “This thing has to happen sooner or later. When my child was little, fortune teller told me that my son’s name contains gold, it’s hard to avoid some fighting.” I think that the fortune teller’s words were arranged by the old forces a long time ago. Some practitioners had car accidents for the same reason. Their parents were told by fortune tellers that at a certain time, there will be some difficulty. Then this really happened. After the cultivation, Master has changed our destiny. How could car accidents happen? We are not managed by the Three Realms. Nothing in the Three Realms will affect us. If we firmly believe this and ask Master for help, who will dare to do anything to you?

The above are my personal opinions and please point out any shortcomings.

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