Morality Is the Best Medicine and Recipe to Solve all Kinds of Diseases and Disasters in the World


PureInsight | February 26, 2021

[] There is a story recorded in “The Classical Stories of Buddhism”: a person went to see the Buddha after he died, and he said to the Buddha while weeping, “Buddha, why are you so cruel? You made me so busy every day, but I got nothing; at night my soul is not even here, trembling, there isn’t day I don’t suffer!”

The Buddha asked, “Why is that?”

The man replied, “in order to earn money, I said many things against my intentions and did many things against my intentions, but that was to survive, and I didn’t save anything. When night comes, I struggle to fall asleep, it’s just like hell. Buddha, life is not easy, why do you let me suffer?”

The Buddha said, “You deceive others for your own living, not to survive through legitimate path. I am kind and will never push a legitimate person into desperation. Your mind is full of poisonous weeds; you need a kind of medicine to get rid of it.”

This person quickly asked, “What kind of medicine is that? Please tell me the name of the medicine, and I will buy it immediately!”

The Buddha said, “The medicine is moral. Morality is a panacea that can prevent all diseases.”

During the Southern and Northern Dynasties, Liu Song’s ancient book “Lu Yi Zhuan” Recorded a story about the county magistrate who was infected with an epidemic and asked the gods to heal: Wu Shiji, the magistrate of Jiaxing County, was infected with malaria. When he passed a temple in Wuchang, he sent someone to worship on his behalf and pray sincerely to the gods to help him get rid of the “malaria” that caused him to get sick. After leaving the temple for more than 20 miles, he rested and slept. In his sleep, a man on the pond chased him by horse and called him urgently. Finally caught up with Wu Shiji’s boat, he and an official boarded the boat, tied up a childlike life and took it away. Wu Shiji woke from the dream, and his malaria was cured.

Some people think the story is puzzling, but in fact they don’t understand traditional culture. Traditional culture is a culture passed by gods, a culture of half god and divine. The ancients believed that plagues and infectious diseases were controlled by the gods of plagues in a higher-level dimension, and the lives that directly caused people to get plagues in low-level dimensions were called ghost of plague. Among them, the ones that caused people to get malaria were called malarias. The life in the image of a child taken away by the gods is a ghost of plague. If the ghost in that dimension is gone, Wu Shiji’s illness here on earth will be cured.

It can be seen from this traditional cultural story that when people get sick it is not for no reason, but also a kind of life. Asking for help from gods is the best solution, and isn’t believing in gods and Buddhas in the category of morality?

The ancient book “Taiping Guangji” records a true story: in the Song Dynasty, behind the Jiangning County government, there was man named Wang who opened a hotel. He was straight throughout his life and worshipped gods and Buddhas. He was also extremely helpful to cultivators. He is known for his fair trade and fairness, and people call him Wang Honest.

Guimao on the evening of February 15th, the shop was about to close. Suddenly, he saw a number of generals in red with many chariots and servants coming to the shop to rest. The shop assistant hurriedly hold Wang Honest, Wang said, “Hurry up and come in… and respectfully serve the army and servants with wine and food. “In an instant, a group of entourages took a large bundle of ropes and tools, walked to the general, and said, “Ask for an encirclement.” The general nodded and agreed. These people went out and nailed the wooden sticks to the ground, tied the ropes to them, and tied them around. Everywhere in the alleys and outside the corners of the houses, they nested in the recesses and surrounded the ropes.

After completion, the entourage said, “The ropes have been enclosed, and this shop is also enclosed.” The chief general said, “This Wang Honest, believes in god all his life, treats people with sincerity, and is kind to others, and the Emperor of Heaven knows it. This shop can be left alone. Forgive. If you don’t forgive, you won’t see the truth and justice.” Everyone agreed, hurriedly drew up the wooden sign, unhook the rope, and moved the shop out of the cloth fence.

After that, all of them got on their horses and rode away, disappearing in a blink of an eye. Wang Honest and his assistant looked at the wooden sticks and ropes that had been nailed around, and they were all horrified.

Two days later, a big fire broke out in Jiankang. All the ropes tied up the previous day were burned. But Wang Honest hotel was safe and sound, but there were ashes around it.

Just like people getting sick, disasters in the world are not happen without reason, they are arranged by gods, and whether disasters can be avoided is related to the morality of people in the world, and good people are not among them. Wang Honest has been straightforward in his life, worshiped gods and Buddhas, traded fairly, and treated cultivators kindly. He has accumulated virtue first, so he can see the process of disasters arrangement, and the reasons for avoiding disasters. God encourages him to do well.

The good medicine and remedy solve all kinds of diseases and disasters in the world can only be morality. The moral standard recognized by gods and Buddhas requires that they believe in gods and Buddhas and respect them. Only under this premise can there be real morality.

The CCP opposes gods and Buddhas and engages in various political campaigns to destroy people’s belief in gods and Buddhas and their cognition of traditional culture. This is destroying people’s morality from the root! The CCP persecutes Falun Gong and denigrates Truth, Compassion, and Forbearance. The CCP’s goal is to fundamentally destroy human morality and destroy humankind. This is the real cause of the continuous disaster in mainland China and the CCP’s pandemic.

Reject the CCP, choose to withdraw from the CCP’s party, league and youth team organizations (three withdrawals), respect the Falun Gong practitioners who insist on clarifying the truth and saving people, and believe that “Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness, compassion and forbearance are good.” To conform to the characteristics of the universe, truth, compassion, and tolerance is the best way to solve the fate of mankind today without spending a penny. The CCP is the real devil, and it is doing tricks to lie, deceive and destroy people. The ending must be the burial of the CCP, and their followers will be destroyed!

Gods and Buddhas are still giving people the opportunity to repent and turn back. Falun Gong practitioners are still clarifying the truth to save people, understanding the truth, and reestablishing morality and conscience. A kind thought is a bright future! To cherish the truth about Falun Gong is to cherish the future of one’s life.


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