• There was a fellow by the name of Huan Kai who took a man named Tao Huayang as his master. Huan had been performing odd jobs for Mr. Tao for 10-20 years. Huan was a peaceful and prudent sort of guy.
    Gui Zhen
  • There was a man by the name of Bai Daoist who lived during the Southern Song Dynasty. He was well known in the capital city for his profound supernormal abilities and was greatly admired by Emperor Song Lizong (the 14th emperor of the Song Dynasty, 1224 to 1264). According to records, he utilized…
    A Dafa Disciple
  • In the Southern Song dynasty, an elderly lady lived in Hezhou City and was called “Zheng Xingpo” since she was a devoted householder that lived a Buddhist way of life. She had never consumed meat or alcohol ever since she was born, and she was raised in an environment that devoted to Buddhism. She…
    De Hui