Eliminating Evil Spirit Objects – Depression Disappears

A Shandong Dafa Practitioner

PureInsight | March 18, 2021

[PureInsight.org] Falun Gong Master said in Zhuan Falun, “Man is the most precious life form and the highest of all creatures. So it’s terribly inappropriate to let those entities take over you. How sad that people would relinquish control over their own bodies! Some of those entities attach to a person’s body, while some don’t but instead keep a short distance and manage to direct you or control you all the same.”

Through practicing Falun Dafa for over ten years and guiding myself with the principles of truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance, I have learned to truly distinguish good from evil. Through clarifying the truth and saving people, I saw Mao Zedong’s devil head dangling in many car cabs in the countryside. I kindly urged them to take it down as soon as possible, reminding them that under Mao Zedong’s reign, numerous political movements harmed the country and killed around 80 million innocent people. I advised them to stay away from devil heads and replace it with something peaceful and auspicious. Most people accepted my advice and threw it away immediately.

Some items have images of foxes, wolves, skulls, other animals, or ugly humans. Those are animal and demon entity attachments that cause one to lose righteous thoughts, fail to distinguish good from evil, exhibit demon nature, and be plagued by disease. It prevents one from understanding the truth and being saved. Only by staying away from evil communist spirits (by quitting the Chinese Communist Party [CCP] and affiliated organizations), removing evil spirits, and understanding the truth of Dafa can one be safe and blessed by heaven.

In May of 2020, the weather was warm, and flowers blossomed. I stopped by my classmate, Xiaochun’s (pseudonym), home. I had not seen her in over half a year. Her face was so pale, and she complained as soon as she saw me. “How can we keep living like this? My husband, Daqing (pseudonym), has had several physical problems since last September. He suffers from cervical pain, dizziness, and anxiety. Although he was hospitalized several times and spent a lot on medical expenses, he was not cured. The doctors confirmed that he was suffering from depression. Now his condition is worsening, his temper is bad, and his temperament changed drastically. He is constantly depressed. He sometimes talks to himself and sometimes does not say anything while staring into space. He frequently loses his temper towards me and contemplates suicide. He has stopped working. We cannot live like this anymore.”

I was shocked to hear this. Daqing was a cheerful, talkative, and funny person. Everyone felt happy to be around him. In any case, I did not expect him to become like this. A few years ago, they both learned the truth about Dafa and both quit the CCP. How could this happen? There must be a reason behind this, but I did not know where the problem was.

A month later, the sun was blazing, and I ran into them on the road. I was shocked when I saw Daqing. He looked jet-black. His eyes were dull, his back was hunched over, and his body was listless. He was wearing a neckerchief. I asked him, “Today is very hot. You must feel hot wearing a neckerchief?”

Daqing replied, "My cervical spine is painful and fears wind or cold." I saw that his neckerchief was covered in skulls of various sizes. I asked him, “When did you start wearing this neckerchief?”

“I started wearing it September of last year. What's the matter?" He asked weakly.

I quickly told him, “The skull and crossbones represent death and the devil. Isn't that from a dead human whose brains were removed? Despite it being drawn, it is a real spirit in another dimension. Wearing this neckerchief is not good for you. You should throw it away as soon as possible!”

Daqing raised his head suddenly and seemed enlightened. He quickly said, “You are right! That is right! I have not felt good since I started wearing this thing. The skull is a devil! I will throw it away.” Xiaochun seemed half skeptical, and they left.

An hour later, we met again. When I saw Daqing, my eyes lit up. His face was a healthy red, his eyes were bright, and his body posture was good. He was ruddy, his eyes were raised, and his chest was high. He spoke to me excitedly, “I threw that neckerchief into the Xiaoqing River, and it was washed away by the water!” Daqing now looked completely different than before. He was happy and talkative again with his former sense of humor.

Before they left, I warned them again, “Remember this lesson. Do not keep things like skulls and crossbones in your home, and especially the evil party's national emblem, bloody flags, and skulls. They are all demons and harmful.”

They said convinced, “Got it!”

Good news followed shortly after. Daqing’s depression disappeared, his body recovered completely, and he restarted driving large trucks for delivery.

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