What I Know of Earth's History and Mysteries (10): Homosexuality and Drugs

Dao Ming, a Falun Dafa practitioner in mainland China

PureInsight | August 22, 2021

[PureInsight.org] Preface: As the Fa rectification progresses, so do I continuously upgrade my xinxing in Dafa cultivation, assimilating myself to the universe's principles of Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance, and as such, my wisdom deepens and my capabilities strengthen. Dafa has revealed to me, at my realm of cultivation, the truths of different levels, including Earth's history and mysteries. I have written these down to share with fellow practitioners.

Homosexuality and Drugs

Homosexuality did exist in ancient times. In ancient books there is the idiom, “cutting the sleeve of addiction,” which is a euphemism for homosexuality, originating from the History of Western Han. In addition, there are others. For a long time, the homosexual community has always been the subject of controversy. Although homosexuality has been legalized in some countries, the negative influence homosexuality has brought is undeniable. Homosexual conduct is in stark contrast to the proper way of thinking of China's divinely imparted culture.

I saw a short video concerning homosexuality, and it mentioned there is a girl in Hangzhou, China who is an advocate for homosexuality. Together with many other homosexuals, this girl established a homosexuality union in Hangzhou. I was baffled as to why she was determined to spare no effort in giving homosexuality such a platform. When I opened up this girl's history, I discovered where her life originated. To my surprise, she is actually the devil king Satan's seventh son. In the demon world's language, her name is Lóngtàisīlǎng [in Chinese phonetics], which means: “The source of disaster.” He is Satan's most malicious curse on society in whichever period of time he appears. The devil's son, Lóngtàisīlǎng, reincarnated in the Roman Empire during Nero's rule, and in that life was a homosexual male by the name of Haixi [again, a phonetically imperfect rendering in Chinese pinyin of the original language's name]. He vigorously promoted sexual freedom and encouraged the advocacy of homosexuality, incest and other acts of demon nature. At 36 years old, the Holy See sentenced him to death, and he was nailed to the cross. After death, he was knocked into the western hell to be tortured. Fourteen centuries later, the devil's son reincarnated as a witch in Europe and was manipulated by a higher-level evil spirit to spread a plague. This witch was the cause of the bubonic plague known as the Black Death, for which she summoned. Wherever she walked, the Black Death would spread. The epidemic would start to break out and cover whole areas she passed through. From the epidemic's beginning to end, more than 25 million Europeans perished due to the Black Death in Europe. Once the witch died, she was knocked into hell once again all the way until this period of time, when the old forces arranged for the devil's son to reincarnate in China. As before, the devil's son is corrupting human relationships between the two genders, and wrecking the order of human society.

I also saw a phenomenon, that is, all homosexuals in both East and West are controlled by a goat-headed devil. The goat-headed devil has red eyes, a green face, and a pair of backward-curled goat horns. Their bodies are covered in black or white fur. Young goat-headed devils are about 1 meter 30cm height, while adult goat-headed devils are about 2 meters 50cm. This kind of demon beast has human hands, and goat legs and hooves. If anyone completely accepts homosexual thoughts and conduct, and for a long time does not reject the homosexual lifestyle, then the goat-headed devil will directly use its demonic powers to manipulate the person and enter their body. Once someone begins to act in the improper homosexual way, the goat-headed devil will absorb the person's essential qi and use it to supplement its own body's energy; thereupon the devil's demonic power will become increasingly more powerful. I saw that in those large-scale homosexual parades and activities held around the world, there are one or a few adult goat-headed devils leading 10 or so young goat-headed devils to manipulate people to do things that deviate from gods, making people take step after step toward being weeded out into the abyss. In the eyes of Satan, those homosexuals are merely his black flags that he uses as insignificant tools.

One evening I saw a news report entitled, “AIDS among Beijing college students is skyrocketing.” The report revealed the statistics of Beijing college students who had contracted AIDS, with 1244 cases in 2017. In 2018, that number increased by more 50 cases. Most among the infected were male college students, making for 98.48% of the total statistic. It was discovered that AIDS was mainly spread through male homosexuals, the scale being 86.70%, and distributed across 59 Beijing college campuses. In China, a society where atheism is promulgated, people have no morality to restrict themselves, so it is inevitable that human nature will become depraved. Why is there such a large proportion of homosexuals that are infected by AIDS? According to what I know, this is the heaven’s punishing homosexuals, using AIDS to weed out those who undermine and bring disorder to human society's moral norms.

Up until July 12, 2017, there was an upwards of 24 countries' governments that had declared the legalization of homosexuality. The upright religious doctrines of Western religious faiths explicitly stipulate they do not endorse homosexual behavior, nor the legalization of homosexuality that is against heaven and a betrayal of the Dao. Why then has this phenomenon come about in this special historical period? What has been revealed to me at my realm of cultivation is that the old forces want to use some morally depraved people to corrupt human society's moral order. They want to make more people turn their backs on gods, and create obstacles to sentient beings from being saved by Dafa. Those taking the lead on promoting homosexuality are, in the eyes of gods, those who have the heaviest guilt. The history of the future will prove everything. The population will gradually decrease in areas where homosexuality has been widely spread, and the nation's strength will decline. Some areas in countries around the world will see the abnormal extinction of a plant or animal species, or of a species' abnormal unchecked spreading. These unnatural phenomena usually occur in areas that have endorsed homosexuality and other illicit sexual conduct.

A person should learn how to be rational and clear-headed when looking at issues, rather than blindly following a crowd. In this special historical period, a person's single thought can determine the person’s future. Those who even in their thoughts approve of homosexuality have guilt, and will be recorded by gods in a book. When humanity experiences a great weeding out, these people will be among the first that will be subject to a ruling on their future. Those who do not change their notions on this issue will be weeded out. They will forever lose the human body and the opportunity to be saved by gods.

It is not difficult to find when examining history that at the final phase of previous civilizations, morality had slid downward terribly, and homosexuality and other illicit sexual behavior had become widespread. A typical example is the decline of the ancient Greek empire. Some 13,000 years ago in the area of Greece there was a nation called the Kingdom of Yadis (meaning the eternal nation). It was a constitutional monarchy, and the parliament controlled everything in the nation. The monarch was but a symbol of royal power only. The population was 80 million, and they were the white Europeans. They are the ancestors of the current white Europeans. The Kingdom of Yadis was a society in which slavery was prevalent. There were basically three main social castes divided into the aristocrats, the commoners, and the slaves. Males had the most power. In the initial stages of the kingdom, their military power was exceptional. Their military campaigns spread in all directions, and no city states refused to acknowledge allegiance to them. Eight monarchs ruled over the Kingdom of Yadis, which had a reign close to 200 years. Due to immorality during the final phases of the kingdom, those believing in evil religions incurred the wrath of heaven. The people's karma led to a group of demons to evoke calamity and chaos in the world. Homosexuality was initially spread from the temple of an evil religion and at first was prevalent among the upper aristocrats, then gradually spread across the nation. Male homosexuals would gather at places similar to today's bars. Some people even opened up male homosexual brothels. High-ranking officials and aristocrats would privately buy young [underage], attractive boys from child traffickers for their own pleasure. A good-looking young boy would be three times the price of a girl the same age. Female homosexuals would interact secretly, and would mostly occur between friends or among masters and servants. Homosexuality also became prevalent among stationed troops in foreign lands. People's hearts at the time had become dark and warped. They regarded this kind of conduct as a way of emancipating themselves from the binds of human conduct and divine constraint. The decadent system of values acknowledged that homosexuality was some kind of so-called fashionable trend. From many of the unearthed items of ancient Greek pottery one can find that promiscuous images filled every corner of society as “decorations.” Not only that, but I used my supernormal abilities to see that in the arts, songs, and dramas were many songs eulogizing homosexuality. One can see that society's situation with regards to promiscuous decadence was already very severe. During the reign of the 6th monarch of the Kingdom of Yadis, the nation's capital was moved from the European mainland to the continent on which Atlantis was located. This was also the last dynasty of Atlantis before it sank.

In the final phases of the kingdom, a great epidemic wreaked havoc. During the reign of the 7th monarch, a huge epidemic broke out three times. More than 67 million people perished during the last time the plague broke out. This epidemic was spread through breathing and the spread of bodily fluids. Some people when speaking would suddenly faint, and fall into a coma. Some who contracted the pestilence became delirious and would foam at the mouth. Their entire bodies would break out in red blisters. In particular, the area of their genitals would turn black and ooze a thick black liquid. What followed was serious festering all over their bodies. Those infected by the epidemic were unable to be saved, and generally would suddenly die within 3-7 days. That huge epidemic persisted for three years. The area where the epidemic spread became overgrown, and rotten corpses and skeletons were strewn everywhere. There were so many that nobody was burying them. Those still living looked lifeless, their facial complexions were deathly pale like a zombie. Ultimately, even those “living dead” people would be few. The kingdom was permeated by the stench of death. Large numbers of crows would gather on the rooftops in the villages where people once lived, or on tree branches. With nobody looking after them, domestic animals would walk about unchecked among the piles of bones scattered around the farming regions. What was once a prosperous nation became a deserted nation where beasts came and went. Those who survived the epidemic would be full of remorse and respectfully say their prayers to the divine, confessing to their mistakes. Many people would punish themselves by whipping their own bodies. Finally, a powerful empire located in today's Ethiopia on the African continent occupied the Kingdom of Yadis. They had a system of slavery. In addition, just like this, the Kingdom of Yadis, which played the leading role on mainland Europe, was mercilessly taken down by the torrents of history's powerful current.

In recent years, there have been more and more instances of drug use in the Chinese entertainment world. Many popular celebrities went from being well presented when in the limelight to eventually falling from popularity, and becoming drug addicts that people disdain. The topic of drugs became a hot topic of discussion across the whole nation. Actors and artists were condemned and denounced by people on online platforms. Many people know the harm that these detestable drugs bring to humanity.

From ancient times to the present, following the downslide of a society's morality in the final phases of any prehistoric culture, the phenomenon of people taking drugs has always emerged. What has been revealed to me at my level of cultivation, drugs did not first emerge in the human dimension. Rather, they actually originate in the world of demons. They are poison from Satan. This poison is light blue, and very similar to the composition of Satan's blood. Moreover, this poison is extremely stimulating and corrosive in nature. Satan evolves this poison into all sorts of different types. Reflected into our everyday people's dimension, they take the form of all sorts of drugs that humans know about. The demon king spread his drugs all throughout the various dimensions within the Three Realms, so it is not just Earth that has drugs. In aliens' systems, they too have different kinds of drugs. Under the hallucinative effects of the drugs, their souls are then able to leave their bodies and enter other dimensions. Owing to the vastly different composition of alien bodies vs. human bodies, drugs have a comparatively less harmful effect and influence over their own alien bodies than human bodies. In history, those aliens who came to Earth also brought with them their drugs to spread to humans, with the purpose of destroying human beings' willpower so they can become the rulers of this Earth. In this special historical period, the aliens from different dimensions in the Three Realms who fled to Earth are manipulating humans' thoughts to research the chemistry of drugs. This will lead to unprecedented harm. The newer kind of drug known as bath salts actually originates from aliens.

I will now discuss the main drugs, which harm the human body. Regarding marijuana, seen from another dimension, whoever smokes this brings to himself many kinds of poisonous insects similar to midges. A great amount of these will attach to the person's true body in another dimension and suck the person's essential qi. The longer a person smokes marijuana, and the more the smoker's body emits that poisonous odor, the more poisonous insects will be attracted, and the more harm will be inflicted on the person's body. The drug known as cocaine damages and paralyzes the brain's cranial nerves, which then impedes the body's normal functions. It causes the main spirit to lose control, and allows demon nature to come into full play. Demons see that cocaine seizes a person's main consciousness. It is a drug that seizes a person's nature and life. With prolonged use, from the perspective of another dimension, the body becomes all black. The body's major organs will turn brown-black and gradually experience organ failure, leading to necrosis. Lastly, I will discuss heroin. I used my supernormal abilities to see that heroin principally harms a person's nervous system in the brain, and the nervous system in the spine, causing serious damage. If a person overdoses on heroin, it can cause liver and kidney failure. Those who take heroin will feel a brief feeling of joy and excitement, but a person's spirit in another dimension (which looks like a qi mass about the size of a fist), will be in a state of being half in and half out of the body. It will continuously revolve around the surrounds of the brain and will irregularly travel back and forth. At this time, the drug user is in the weakest state. He will attract possessing animals and evil spirits in other dimensions that will manipulate him to act weirdly, and will even cause him to harm himself or others. Prolonged use of heroin will form a material field around his body in the other dimension, and the odor produced will attract an unusual kind of evil spirit. Western gods call it hell's blood-sucking beast. Eastern gods call it the blood demon. This evil spirit is about 2 meters in height. Its torso is similar to a human's, it has four limbs are slender and withered. Each hand has three fingers, and each foot has three toes. Its mouth is similar to a fly's, but its mouth is comparatively longer, and hangs down over its chest. When a drug user takes a lot of heroin, this evil spirit will insert its mouthpart into the person's back in the other dimension and suck his qi of blood. At the same time, it will pour into the drug user's body a narcotic that controls the person's thoughts and makes the person's drug addiction more serious. The harm heroin inflicts on the body also manifests in the consumption of a person's qi of breath, or vital qi. After the effects of the drug are over, the person will feel extremely tired, and the person's spirit and flesh body will be impeded. With one intake of heroin it could take more than a week to half a month before a person's vital qi has recovered. Similar to the laws in the human world, the netherworld has clearly stipulated that those drug users in the world of the living, including drug traffickers, once they die they will be assessed, then made to do forced labor in the netherworld. For drug dealers, however, they are charged with a serious crime in the netherworld. Drug dealers' crime is ranked into three levels of seriousness in the netherworld. Small-time drug dealers drop into hell upon death and are subject to all kinds of torture, then the majority will be made to reincarnate into inferior aquatic plants and animals. After mid-level drug dealers receive their punishment in hell, they are directly sent on the reincarnation path of domestic animals, and they will never be permitted to obtain a human body ever again. As to heavy drug dealers, because of the harm they have inflicted on so many people, when they fall into hell they are subject to all sorts of torture, then are ultimately destroyed in both body and soul.

The purer the drug is, the more fierce its negative effects. After a person takes a drug of whatever sort, a field consisting of corresponding negative material elements will be formed. Looking from a shallow dimension, the material field that marijuana forms is light brown, cocaine's is gray, heroin's is dark green, methamphetamine is a black-murky green, and bath salts' field is dark black-brown. Highly concentrated drugs are themselves poison. However, in a deeper dimension, all the drugs are ultimately light blue—the color of demon's blood.

When speaking of drug addiction, it also makes me think about other unhealthy things in society that cause addiction. I will start with gambling addiction. I saw that many gamblers, in order to win money, even sell their souls to the devil. They spare nothing, and even exchange their lives for money. They invite negative aquatic spirits into their fields that possess them. The more money that those addicted to gambling win, the more their essential qi is taken. What has been revealed to me at my realm of cultivation is that an elderly Asian so-called king of gambling, is the reincarnation of a blue dragon that had offended heaven. His wife and son are both reincarnated dragons also. Many casino staff are reincarnated aquatics. For those addicted to gambling, they may have the will to give up their addiction, but they do not have the strength to because they're possessed by negative spirits that control their addiction to gambling and make them unable to extricate themselves. Those long-term gamblers, owing to their monetary entanglements with casinos, normally when they die, reincarnate as aquatics.

I will talk about mahjong now. Mahjong has been popular in Asia for close to 100 years without wane. Many people embrace a small gambling sentiment that pleases them when they play mahjong. They do not want to fall deeper and deeper into debt, so it becomes a hard to give up addiction. I have friends and relatives who have been playing mahjong for 10-20 years without letup. One can imagine how big their addiction is. Once I happened to be talking with one of my mahjong-addicted friends about this when I used my supernormal abilities to see that in the corresponding dimension of her pineal body was a 1-inch tall negative spirit with the upper body being a wolf, and its lower body consisting of a pair of human legs. It was sucking away her vital qi. I carefully examined again to see that mahjong is not a product of our human dimension, it is from the netherworld. Ghosts with poor morals crowd together, and secretly while their time away by playing it for fun. However, the underworld strictly prohibits gambling, and especially prohibits the use of netherworld currency to be used to gamble. When a crowd of mahjong gamblers are captured by netherworld messengers, they are sentenced to forced labor according to the law. The form of the netherworld's society is analogous to ancient Chinese society. Their currency is gold and silver ingots, as well as copper coins. However, the ghosts in the netherworld use their food and useful items they use in daily life as bet to gamble when playing mahjong.

There is another kind of addiction that is extremely widespread in modern society—internet addiction. I noticed that in the corresponding dimension of a normal internet user exists alien messages. The lives that exist there are very strange. They are a type of mechanized life in human form. On their heads are all these retractable water pipe-looking surveillance cameras that are eyes. When people use the internet, they are sending their energy across to them. Their goal is to control humanity and ultimately replace humanity. Many people like to play computer games on the internet. I have come across such a person who used to be engrossed with a role playing game called World of Warcraft. I saw that in his dimensional field was actually a negative spirit that looked exactly like one in the game he played. The longer people play these games, the more vital essence of qi is taken from their bodies, and the stronger it makes those negative spirits. It seriously impacts the person's normal way of living in society. I told this person everything I saw, and my friend realized the danger of games. After a while of not playing the game, this person became more energetic, and the demonic beast-like spirit that was being nourished in his dimensional field was cleaned out. Computers are a product of alien technology. Every computer game product is a corresponding display of cultural systems from different galaxies within the Three Realms, and inside contains the messages from different lives from outside galaxies.

Finally, I will discuss tobacco addiction. Smoking tobacco leads to addiction. I saw that in the corresponding dimension to the pineal body of many smokers exists a negative spirit that sucks a person's blood vessels. The material elements in cigarettes can sneak into a person's blood, and creates an odorous field in another dimension. Those negative spirits are especially attracted to that odor, and is similar to the situation drug users’ face; there is just a difference in the degree. Faced with these abnormal addictions, do not just numbly and tacitly agree to its existence. One must actively clear it up with the right kind of thoughts. As a cultivator—a Fa disciple that assists Master, one must use righteous thoughts to face all kinds of unhealthy phenomena in society, and rectify all unrighteous elements. The simpler ones thoughts are, the more powerful. This is the responsibility of a Dafa disciple.

Speaking of this, I will raise the issue of burning paper offerings (as part of a religious ceremony). Chinese people have a custom of burning papers for deceased family members. On the one hand, it is a way they mourn over the deceased relative, and on the other, they hope that through the sacrificial activity of burning papers they can allow their departed relative to not worry about clothes and food in the netherworld. To me, that is just their wishful thinking. I used my supernormal abilities and saw that normally in the other dimension, when a person burns papers it just turns to a pile of plant ash. Burning gold leaf and silver foil becomes a pile of metal sheets in the corresponding dimension. Only with the strengthening of a true cultivator will those paper ritual dolls, incense, ingots and the like be turned into real substances in the other dimension. However, true cultivators will not do this sort of thing, because using Fa powers to strengthen the goods will change the ghost's fate, and will harm one's virtue. Moreover, the cultivator's gong pillar and life span will be reduced accordingly.

Homosexuals and drug users, and their corrupt behavior that goes against heavenly law, infects the person. It is very hard for them to extricate themselves from the negative spirits' control that manipulates them from the other dimension. The only way to resolve their issues is to walk the righteous path and cultivate the righteous Fa. That way, they'll be protected by the gods and buddhas of the righteous Fa. Only then can those evil spirits behind them be cleaned out, and the person can be saved. In the current society, Falun Dafa is widely practiced. Those who are predestined, make sure you do not miss out on this once-in-eternity predestined opportunity. There are more than 100 million people practicing Falun Dafa in the world. People in many countries have had their minds and bodies purified by Dafa. Not only do they have a healthy physique, they also have a completely new and broad worldview. Even more so, they have given themselves a boundlessly beautiful future.

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