God’s Best Gift to Mankind

Gan Lu

PureInsight | September 11, 2021

[PureInsight.org] Duke Dou of the Western Han Dynasty lost his eyesight when he was young, so he began to learn the zither and insisted on being an instructor. He lived to be 180 years old. Ji Kang believes that Duke Dou did not take any longevity drugs, but he could live such a long life. It was entirely the result of his practicing the zither.

Legend has it that when the Yellow Emperor fought against the Chi You tribe, he blew the horn and beat the Kui drum; the Chi You tribe was bewildered and shocked when they heard this unprecedented sound. Taking advantage of this occasion, the soldiers of Yellow Emperor broke through Chi You's "Mist Array" and defeated Chi You.

Because music is first felt in people's hearts, and hearts are related to people's emotions such as happiness, anger, sorrow, and joy. The tones produced by the  music interact with the human mind and express different feelings. The orthodox music can cultivate one's body, improve health, and prolong life. Let's take a look at what the world-renowned Shen Yun music brings to people?

Watched Shen Yun Show and Involved in Cultivation

A - a friend of a Falun Gong practitioner in Shan Dong, watched Shen Yun show. She said, “Shen Yun is amazing!”

In 2011, A suffered an advanced breast cancer. After A went to the home of a Falun Gong practitioner and watched the video of Shen Yun show for more than half an hour, she felt her stomach churn up and down, and went to the bathroom to vomit several times. After she vomited, she said she felt very comfortable. On the following evening, A went to see the show and vomited again. After vomiting, her pale face turned white and red, and her eyes became bright, and she seemed to be several years younger at once. 

After watching the video of Shen Yun, she could not wait but to read Zhuan Falun till 3am. In just a few hours, her myopia returned to normal and she did not need to wear glasses.

She was thrilled by the miracle of Dafa. She said, “The Dafa book is so good; I really don't want to let it go! Why didn't I come to learn it earlier?” From then on, she took up the practice. It didn't take long for the lumps on her breasts to disappear. She gained more than 30 kilograms in weight, wrinkles on her face disappeared, and she became young and beautiful.

My Daughter’s Skin Disease Disappeared after Seeing Shen Yun CD

A Falun Gong practitioner in Hebei said, “My nephew had a small piece of pus-like skin on her face near her ears, not normal skin. When she was two months old, the skin on the entire face began to become dry and hard, and the face was slightly swollen. The skin of a child’s small hands was rough, dry and thin, and the palms of the hands often had white cracks, which did not look like a child’s hand at all.”

When the child was five or six months old, her back was itchy, and she often felt painful and woke up, crying at night. The family members brought her to see famous medical experts, but she did not get better. Moreover, they used various ointments and remedies, but their efforts were in vain.

Although the child's parents were very anxious, there was no good cure. They found that when the child came back from her grandmother's house, she was well-behaved and could stay a peaceful mind in the evening. It was not convenient for the child's mother to take care of the child during her work hours, so she handed over the child to the grandma who practices Falun Gong. The child stayed with her grandmother, and her grandmother played Shen Yun CD to her every day. Unknowingly, the skin on the child's face has improved. She did not have to take medicines; neither did she need to be given injections. 

When the child’s grandma gave out Shen Yun CDs to people, the child would kindly tell people that it was worthwhile to see the CDs because Shen Yun can save people. She was so cute that the predestined people were delighted to accept the CDs. 

A Miraculous Recovery from Dementia

A mother and daughter who lived in Tainan watched Shen Yun show. The mother’s dementia was cured by the great show. Her households and friends were amazed by such a significant change. 

In 2007, Li Caifang was interviewed and said, “My mother suffered dementia, depression and sleep difficulties. It was easy for her to forget things and to lose her temper. After taking a CT scan in the hospital, the doctor informed the family that most of her cerebrovascular was blocked and her life would be at risk at any time, so her family members should be well-prepared.”

After Li Caifang took her mother to watch Shen Yun performance in Tainan, her mother went to the hospital again for re-examination. The doctor said, “The cerebrovascular obstruction is gone.” Li Caifang said, “These are all miracles brought out by Shen Yun.” Shen Yun performers cultivate Falun Dafa, with each program conveying authentic Chinese culture. They’ve spread enormous positive energy around the venue. 

Quit Video Games

A new Taiwanese practitioner did not study the Fa carefully; he was indulged in video games. After watching Shen Yun show, he had his popular mobile phone game uninstalled. In addition, he quitted smoking, drinking wine and singing in KTV. 

He said, “When I watched Shen Yun performance, I felt my sweaty pores opened up, and every note seemed to wash away my heavy karma and attachments. The true self, who was buried by karma from lifetime after lifetime, regained consciousness.”

After quitting mobile phone video games, he was able to take normal meals. When taking MRT, he could recite some Master’s Fa teachings. His acquaintances found his change incredible. 

Falun gong, also known as Falun Dafa, is a spiritual cultivation practice rooted in Buddhist tradition. It is based on principles of truthfulness-compassion-forbearance. Falun Gong was first introduced to the public in Changchun, a northeast city in China on May 13, 1992. Many people have improved their moral character after practicing Falun Gong. Also, due to the magical healing effect, Falun Gong has spread around China and throughout the world. A great number of people have improved their physical and mental wellbeing. Falun Gong and its founder have received more than 3,000 compliments, resolutions, and support letters from governments worldwide. The founder of Falun Gong has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize four times. Falun Gong books have been translated into more than forty languages and distributed around the world.


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