Don’t Assume Doing Things as Cultivation

Yixin Fu, a Dafa practitioner in China

PureInsight | September 30, 2021

[] Yesterday after I finished my lunch, I offered incense to Master. I said, “Master, I need to go outside and save people. Please bless me.” Then it took me more than an hour to distribute about thirty truth-clarification leaflets.

This morning on finishing sitting meditation, I spent half hour sending forth righteous thoughts. My legs felt relaxed, while I’ve never experienced this before.

It was Master who reinforced such a good cultivation state of mine. When I gave out truth-clarification leaflets yesterday, I did not struggle with the quantity. I just wanted to save sentient beings, free from selfishness.

This morning I studied Fa and enlightened to what Master said in Fa Teaching at the 2019 New York Fa Conference, “What you are working on is not cultivation in and of itself. Be it the businesses you own, your Dafa projects, or whatever it is you do—they are not cultivation in their own right. What makes something cultivation is the attitude that you bring to it and the way that you deal with and resolve any issues, namely, by applying the standards for a practicing Dafa disciple!” Also, Master stated in Fa Teaching at the 2019 New York Fa Conference,  “That’s because, as you know, spiritual development happens amidst unknowing; when you don’t know whether you have done right or not in your cultivation, you still have to carry on, and it will be like that all the way until the day your cultivation is successfully completed.” This Fa teaching helped me get enlightened indeed.

Over the past twenty years, I reckoned that I was doing well in cultivation. In fact, I regarded doing things as cultivation, which was just contrary to what Master taught.

In the past, when I wrote sharing articles or spoke with my fellow practitioners, I just talked about the good deeds of mine, such as the quantity of the printed leaflets, truth stickers and coins, and the number of people who have renounced CCP. Actually, I felt complacent when talking about these things I’ve done. Occasionally I looked down upon fellow practitioners who suffered the attachment of fear.

When I looked within, I did notice that something has stopped me cultivating Dafa. My xinxing did not improve rapidly, whilst I was unable to practice steadfastly. Some attachments popped up again and again. However the root cause was not identified yet.

Fortunately, my confusion was removed by Dafa. I realized that I did not do well in Fa study previously. As I did not understand what it means by genuine cultivation, I mistook doing things for cultivation. I simply concentrated on doing things, rather than purging human attachments in the course of doing things. For this reason, I was unable to raise the level of my xinxing drastically. To be frank, I did not know how to truly cultivate myself. In the current morally corrupted society, it would be hard to continue to cultivate.

Now I got enlightened: work itself is work, which does not equal to Dafa cultivation. We should play the roles properly among ordinary people. Undoubtedly, we still need to respect parents, educate our children and get along well with our friends and neighbours. If we cannot do very well in our daily work, we are not of good moral character, nor are we cultivators. Only when we have our xinxing upgraded, can our level be raised. When we cultivate our inner selves well, we are able to do three things successfully. Dafa projects themselves are not cultivation. However when we carry out these projects, we have opportunities to cultivate ourselves and remove the attachments.

I’ve made Master disappointed. I have obtained such a wonderful Fa, and I have such a great Master, so why did I appear to be useless? Remorse is useless. I must take my own practice seriously from now on, cultivate my mind and get rid of attachments and be more diligent. I should cultivate myself in the course of doing three things, truly improve my xinxing and become a supernormal person.

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