[Pure Insight's 20th Anniversary Submission]: Younger Sister, Brother-in-law Recover from Coronavirus after Reciting Nine True Words

A Dafa Disciple in Wuhan City, China

PureInsight | January 28, 2022

[PureInsight.org] My sister works in a big hospital in Wuhan. Because the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) deliberately concealed the epidemic, my brother-in-law had a cough and fever for three days when our family ate early for the New Year's meal in 2020, but nobody paid any attention to it. My sister kept commuting to and from work as usual during this time. Around January 17, 2020, my sister joked with me, saying that some non-local taxi drivers ran away when they saw a Hubei driver. (Hubei province is where Wuhan city is located, the location where the coronavirus started). My sister also imitated their nervous reaction.

However, on January 23, my sister called me and said that she may also have been infected with coronavirus, and her body was very uncomfortable, her throat was sore, she also had a cough, a fever, and she was exhausted. I told her to believe in Falun Dafa and Master Li, it will be alright, don't be afraid. I suggested she return home and rest a few days, and then her body would recover. My sister followed my advice and went home to rest.

Later, she learned that several medical staff in their department were also infected, so she could not figure out whether she was infected by patients in the hospital, or her husband.

On January 29, my sister called to tell me that her condition was worsening. She went to the hospital for a CT scan. The result showed ground glass opacity (GGO) in both lungs, referring to increased density in the lungs. I asked her to quickly come to my place to listen to Master's teachings, and that she will be fine.

My sister also knew that there was no medicine that could cure coronavirus, so she came to me quickly. After she arrived, I let her listen to the recording of Master's Guangzhou's lectures.

During that time, my sister's phone kept ringing. Many of her friends were calling her for help. They were all infected with coronavirus at home. They had difficulty breathing and were dying, they hoped that my sister could help. They wanted to go to the hospital for emergency treatment. My sister told them that she had been infected as well, and she could not even stay in the hospital. The hospital beds were only for hospital employees, not for other people, so she could not help them.

My sister's phone was ringing nonstop, and she heard that many people were dying. She was very afraid that she would die.

I took care of my sister everyday, nothing happened to me. I knew Master was protecting me. I also clarified the truth to her, and told my sister why this epidemic came about. I told her that the CCP’s persecution of good people who cultivate Falun Dafa has brought on punishment from heaven. I told her that reciting the Nine True Words would keep her safe. (The Nine True Words refer to nine Chinese characters: 『法輪大法好,真善忍好』, meaning “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” I told her, “I often tell you both to recite the Nine True Words for your safety, but you don't believe me. Only those who truly believe in Dafa will be protected by Dafa!” After saying this, my sister finally understand the principle that she had to truly have faith from within.

My sister seemed not to be recovering at first, and my brother-in-law was also at home to rest. My brother-in-law also came to live with me because he was afraid of spreading the virus to his children. On the same day, the CT scan also revealed ground glass opacity in both of his lungs too. Before he came to my place, he had been unable to eat for several days, had a fever, and was so weak that he could only lie down. After he lay down and listened to Master's lectures, I cooked congee (rice porridge) for him. He was able to drink the congee, and his fever subsided.

Even though my sister was influenced by modern scientific viewpoints, while she was reciting the Nine True Words : "Falun Dafa is Good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is Good," sometimes she sat on the small stool beside the bed and listened to Master's lectures carefully. She did this while taking traditional Chinese medicine. Master seemed to be taking care of her and purifying her body. She was grateful for Master's protection, and was okay about me telling her friends about Falun Dafa over the phone, so she recovered quickly.

In the first week of February 2020, my sister went to the hospital to have a CT scan. The result showed that her condition was suppressed and her condition was obviously improving. The next day she went to the hospital for a checkup—the result came back negative, she was free of the virus.

Later, they returned to their home after they had fully recovered. For more than a year, they have been enjoying good health and have not had any sequelae, or relapse.

I want to tell everyone: Only Falun Dafa can save people. By believing in the Nine True Words: "Falun Dafa is good, and Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good," you may safely pass this tribulation. For Chinese people, they must renounce their memberships from the CCP (for they previously pledged their lives to serve the Party), in order to obtain Dafa's protection. Finally, I sincerely wish all the world's predestined, kind-hearted people peace!


Chinese version: https://www.zhengjian.org/node/265751



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