Gods Are Deducting Points, as Seen by a Little Dafa Disciple

A Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | November 28, 2022

[PureInsight.org] One day, mom took her child, a little Dafa disciple, for a ride on her electric bike. The road was very wide. Mom checked both left and right, and saw that no cars were coming, so she crossed the road. The little disciple said, "Mom, you just had points deducted.”

Mom was focused only on where she was heading to, and did not consider the road rules. She was confused and asked, “What points were deducted?” At that moment, she suddenly realized she was not heading in the right direction, so she crossed the road again and rode back. The little Dafa disciple said anxiously, “Mom, you just had points deducted again!”

Mom asked the little Dafa disciple, “What points were deducted? What do you mean? I don't understand!” The little Dafa disciple answered, "Mom, there were double yellow lines in the middle of the road. You crossed them, and then crossed them again to come back. A god used a red pen to deduct your points twice.”

Mom was very surprised and thought, “Double yellow lines? I did not see them!” Then mom took a closer look at the middle of the road. There were indeed two solid yellow lines, and she thought, “Doing this will result in getting points deducted? I'm really not so sure about this.”

Mom said, “Usually I ride an electric bike casually, and I ride it in any way I want. I have never paid attention to those yellow lines.” The little Dafa disciple said, “The double yellow lines are fences in other dimensions, and they cannot be crossed. In addition, running a red light, driving in the wrong direction, and other road violations will be recorded by gods, who'll deduct your points.”

The little Dafa disciple said, “If you want to cross the road, you need to use the pedestrian zebra crossing, which is the way to ride electric bikes and bicycles.” At that time, mom saw a lady who wanted to go to a residential community on the other side of the road, but instead of crossing the road directly for convenience, she rode the bicycle to the zebra crossing, which was not far away, and then crossed the road to the opposite side. She rode a short distance then crossed the road correctly.

Upon seeing this, mom reflected on how this ordinary person was so good in abiding by the traffic rules. Yet she felt ashamed, for as a Dafa disciple, she should be much better than everyday people. She hopes practitioners like her can pay more attention to and obey the traffic rules in the future.

The little Dafa disciple said, “Every day, gods record every Dafa disciple's words and deeds, adding or deducting points from their score.”

Another incident happened that night. Grandma was framed by others when she was at work during the day. Mom, grandpa, and grandma discussed the matter together at night. Initially, mom thought that this might have a causal relationship behind it. Grandpa analyzed the matter for grandma, saying that grandma was framed by others. Grandma was relatively simple and did not understand. The two of them discussed how she was framed again, and the discussions went on and on. Mom could not help but participate in their conversation. As a result, none of them looked within, and they all talked about how bad others were. Then, the little Dafa disciple told them, "One god came and recorded how you all talked, your points were deducted."

Mom and grandma's points were deducted by a god, who wrote a few words in a book in another dimension. Mom knew she was wrong. She was driven by emotion, so she stopped talking. Grandpa, however, became more and more emotional as he talked, and after that, the god wrote down eight characters about him (the little Dafa disciple did not know those characters), and grandpa's score was reduced even more.

The little Dafa disciple said, “Grandma owed others in the past, and they required her to pay them back all together.” Grandpa finally understood and was not angry anymore. Mom said, “Things don't happen without a reason. If you have done bad things to others in the past, and they ask you to pay back in this life, you just need to be calm and let it go.”

What was seen was limited to this little Dafa disciple's cultivation level. (Also, the road rules referred to are in China).

Chinese version: https://big5.zhengjian.org/node/278900


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