Illusion and Self

A Dafa Disciple from Mainland China

PureInsight | May 31, 2023

[] Everything seen with our eyes may not be true because we have a pair of eyes limited to this material world and based on a concept of seeing is believing. As we all know that all phenomena in human society are illusions. Our eyes see it and provide information; but the information is false.  A judgment from our concepts takes this advantage to dominate our thoughts and make an illusion. This is called self-awareness. Human’s concepts which often dominate our behavior are formed over a long period of time, even many lifetimes. Sticking on our own understanding is actually holding on to ourselves. Self is a selfish attribute of the old universe.  Cultivators must recognize and abandon it.

It will be a real cultivation process to see the truth from illusion; plus continuously letting go of human notions and cultivating self.

For a long time, our Fa study group has lost the peaceful atmosphere of “Bathed in divine light, conduct and thought become right” (from Zhuan Falun). The phenomenon of practitioners falling asleep during the Fa study became increasingly severe, and some practitioners even showed fake signs of serious illness. One day, I asked myself calmly, “Don’t I have responsibility for the incorrect status in the Fa study group? Since I have been a member of the group, what did I cultivate? Are the phenomena that I see just illusions?” I realize that cultivation is to cultivate myself. I have to know my own attachments. “Am I not a Master’s disciple? Why don’t I follow Master’s requirements and look inward to cultivate myself according to the Fa requirements?”

Master showed me the truth by disclosing “self” to me when I had the desire to cultivate myself. The “self” always believed I am the correct one. Through Fa study, I understood that the divine beings don’t judge something right from wrong. Instead, they are watching how you think about it. Letting go of human attachments is true cultivation.

Master said in Zhuan Falun, “When the Buddha became enlightened and his powers came to him under the Bodhi tree, his awakening was not yet at its highest point of tathagata, which he ultimately achieved. He continued to make regular spiritual progress throughout the forty-nine years of his ministry. And with each successive breakthrough he would find, looking back, that what he had previously taught wasn’t quite right.”

My understanding was Buddha knew that true elevation came from letting go. What do we have to be attached to? Then I looked everything in my eyes as an illusion to look inward myself. When I let go of human notions and self, I could see every practitioner’s highlights. In the meanwhile, I also realized how I have unintentionally harmed every practitioner around me over the years. The regret arose from the bottom of my heart. I deeply repented to the Master and apologized to my fellow practitioners.

Master gradually removed many bad substances from me layer by layer when I sent forth righteous thoughts again. My body became lighter and lighter and my mind became more empty. I was so shocked and my gratitude tears flowed silently. The incorrect status that bothered me for so many years has disappeared. The magic tool—self-reflection which was bestowed by the Master is so powerful. I am embraced by the amazing feeling and happiness from cultivation. In the meanwhile, I regretted deeply that I didn’t look inward in a timely manner.

During group Fa study, I could feel strong energy. When I send forth righteous thoughts, I am surrounded by powerful energy.  



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