Journey of Sacred Destiny: (8) Motian Kingdom and the Pyramid


PureInsight | March 27, 2024

[] When the foundation of the Buddhist pagoda was dug, Meng Gang saw five larger lotus flowers spiraling inside, and fairies dressed in colorful clothes flew out of the flowers, holding various magical instruments that emitted radiant light. After seeing this scene, Meng Gang suggested to Mo Le that the Venida carry stones while he and Mo Cai guarded the south and north sides of the foundation, quietly meditating and watching. No one was allowed to disturb them. Mo Le agreed.

Meng Gang guarded the south side of the foundation, while Mo Cai guarded the north side, both meditating.

Two days later, Meng Gang saw the five large lotus flowers turn into tens of thousands of golden lotus flowers, which then merged into one large golden lotus flower. The flower continued to bloom, transforming into a seven-layered lotus platform. The lotus platform rose slowly into the air until a golden Buddha appeared in mid-air. Meng Gang knew that it was the Venerable Golden Jade. The Venerable stood on the lotus platform and compassionately said, "Golden brilliance, golden brilliance." After speaking, all of these scenes slowly disappeared.

Meng Gang came out of meditation and expressed his gratitude to the spirits of heaven and earth. Then, he stood up and walked slowly towards Mo Cai.

Mo Cai was meditating with a smile on her face, as pure and innocent as a newborn baby. After a while, she opened her eyes, saw the priest, smiled, and said, "I can do my job now." Meng Gang nodded, with a compassionate smile on his face.

Mo Cai looked at Meng Gang and said, "Priest, I feel that I should respect you, but my respect is always mixed with affection. I feel that you are like my loving father King." Meng Gang replied, "All the treasures in the world are presented before me, but I still feel that the innocence of a princess is the most precious. Respect is a courtesy that one should show to others, and kindness is because of my age, which allows me to be your father. I am already forty-three years old, and you are only fifteen. It is my duty to guide and take care of you. Let's go and see your brother."

Mo Le was waiting quietly in the distant morning mist. He saw the priest in crimson slowly walking towards his sister. The solemn feeling produced by his sister's bright purple clothes and the priest's crimson clothes made Mole suddenly feel that these two people were very important in his life, and they were worth his lifelong respect. This sudden feeling moved him, and tears blurred his vision. He quickly calmed himself down and wiped his eyes with his hand.

Soon, the priest and Mo Cai walked towards him, and Mo Le hurried to greet them and bowed to the priest in a noble manner. Then, he looked at the two of them with a look of expectation and inquiry.

Meng Gang said, "I saw five big lotus flowers turn into tens of thousands golden lotus flowers in two days, and the tens of thousands golden lotus flowers merged into a big golden lotus flower. The golden lotus flower then bloomed and turned into a lotus platform with seven layers. The lotus platform rose to the air, and a golden Buddha came from the air. In my state of ding, I knew that it was the Venerable Golden Jade. The Venerable stood on the lotus platform and said compassionately, 'Golden brilliance, golden brilliance.'"

Mo Cai said, "I saw a fairy smiling at me. She made a light movement with her hand and a golden water droplet flew towards me. The droplet suddenly grew larger and enveloped me. I felt myself dissolve into the water droplet and it was very comfortable. I just sat there until I heard someone saying, 'Golden water, central and peaceful. Golden water, central and peaceful.' Then I suddenly realized that I should melt the black stone solution, and the feeling disappeared."

Meng Gang put his hands together in front of his chest and said, "The princess saw the Golden Water Fairy, while I saw the Venerable Golden Jade. According to ancient books, there are countless immortals helping in the construction of great buildings. Among them are the Golden Water Fairy, whose golden water contains five types of gold, and the Venerable Golden Jade, who is a rarely seen deity. There is an old legend that says, 'Golden jade brilliance, golden water central and peaceful. Upon hearing this, the building of the pagoda will be in a busy process.' The appearance of these two immortals should correspond to the construction of the Buddhist pagoda. Princess, you are ready to melt the black stone today!"

Mo Le once again paid respect to Meng Gang and said excitedly, "Respected priest, you understand the will of the gods, and you know all the legends since ancient times. Your mind is vast, and your wise insights guide me and the people of the kingdom. I am willing to listen to your teachings."

Meng Gang looked at Mo Le and said, "Respected King, you are a wise, brave, just, and kind King. As far as I know, everything related to the fate of the country, I will tell you without reservation. I hope that the country will prosper and that the King and princess will have a good reputation far and wide." Mo Le expressed his respect to the priest once again.

Mo Le commanded people to bring black stones, and Mo Cai, wearing purple clothes with a silver ribbon tied on her head, was ready to smelt the stones.

At this time, the heavenly immortals gathered, and all the relevant immortals came to help.

Purple Gourd Vajra poured a little golden water from the purple spirit bottle, which turned into steam and covered the pot, increasing the pot's strength. A female immortal wearing gray-white clothes, with a face like white jade, a spiral bun, a cinnabar dot on her forehead, holding a white bottle and a white jade pot behind her, is the petrification fairy. She saw the black stones put into the pot and turned the mouth of the white bottle upside down, and some white powder escaped and fell on the black stones. The fairy then tilted the spout of the white jade pot and poured out a clear solution, which entered the pot. These two things can accelerate the dissolution of the black stones. After this, the fire god struck out a powerful invisible fire, the wind god spun a strong wind from his sleeve, and the great Vajra scattered the cinnabar bead in the air.

Mo Cai stood in front of the pot and felt a burst of heat, soon covered in sweat. The great transcendent in the sky looked at Mo Cai and exclaimed, and suddenly there was a shining light flashing above Mo Cai's forehead. The light kept turning and flipping, showing five colors: red, yellow, green, blue, and purple. The light moisturized the sweat, and the sweat was also full of colors, like colorful beads that entered the pot.

The shining light above Mo Cai's forehead was emitted by the Five-Color Pill of the great transcendent. The Five-Color Pill is the top grade among all the pills, and it was created by the great transcendent after collecting the five colors of red, yellow, green, blue, and purple for five months and refining them for another five months.

Mo Cai's original form was the Five-Colored Lotus Empress in heaven. She had never sweated since birth. The heavenly immortals saw that there were large lotus flowers on her body, with countless small lotus flowers on each petal. These small and large lotus flowers were in constant motion, opening and closing, forming a mechanism of movement on her body. Therefore, in the eyes of the immortals, Mo Cai herself was a cool and refreshing world. Meanwhile, the Goddess of Golden Water's golden water pearls formed a mist that enveloped Mo Cai. When she stirred the solution, each small lotus flower rotated and opened and closed, and in the instant of closing, it produced a round and shiny little water droplet. These droplets jumped and rose in her body, and when they reached her face, they burst out and became sweat. This sweat was moistened by the light from her forehead, and the immortals called it Five-Colored Golden Water. When it combined with the Glue-Stone Beads, it could increase the viscosity of the solution and make it more effective. When applied to stones, it could solidify them tenfold. Therefore, the solution for dissolving the black stone contained many heavenly factors.

(To be continued)

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