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Physicist Suggests Earth's Water May Come from Comets Tong Yun 2003-02-03
Hypergiant Erupts 2003-02-03
New Moons Found Around Neptune 2003-02-03
Giant Radio Jet Coming from the Wrong Kind of Galaxy 2003-02-03
Discovery of the Largest X-Ray Disk in the Universe 2003-01-27
Surprise Comet Streaks into Our Solar System 2003-01-23
A Rare, Spectacular Astronomical Sight - Double Sun Tong Yun 2003-01-23
Scientists Discover the Most Powerful Magnetic Star Known 2003-01-20
Astronomers Believe that the Universe's Rate of Expansion Is Accelerating Zheng Yuan 2003-01-13
New Model Predicts Giant Planet Formation Can Occur within Several Hundred Years Guan Yun 2003-01-06
The Most Spectacular Meteor Shower of the Century Tong Yun 2003-01-06
Black Hole Racing Across the Milky Way Guanyun 2003-01-06
Thermonuclear Blasts Yield Breakthrough on Structure of Neutron Star Mo Xinhai 2003-01-06
Signs of Life on Mars: Microorganisms Grow at Low Pressures Xi Yu 2002-12-23
Scientists Discovered the Existence of Many Worlds Mo Xinhai 2002-11-25
Mirages: Evidence for Multiple Dimensions? Zhou Xin 2002-11-18
U.S. Scientists Now Believe There Are an Infinite Number of Universes Liu Xinyu 2002-11-18
Evidence of Water in Atmospheres of Planets Orbiting Distant Stars Mo Xinhai 2002-10-07
Evidence for Inconstancy of a Constant Mo Xinhai 2002-10-07
Surprising Active Super Massive Black Holes in Old Globular Galaxy Clusters Mo Xinhai 2002-09-23
Article in Science Journal Expounds on the Concept of Multiple Dimensions 2002-09-16
Why is the Universe's Expansion Accelerating? Astronomers to Build "Dark Energy" Telescope At the South Pole Mo Xinhai 2002-09-09
On the Age of the Universe and the Earth A Dafa Disciple 2002-09-09
Ice Ages on Earth Related to the Position of the Earth in the Galaxy Mo Hongyi 2002-08-26
The Milky Way Enters A New Era Xinhai 2002-08-19
Hubble Space Telescope Spies Hyperactive Galaxy 2002-08-19
Asteroids and the Age of the Earth A Dafa Practitioner 2002-07-29
When Galaxies Collide: Hubble Telescope Catches Sights of Stars Being Born Xinhai 2002-07-22
Some Musings on the Complexities of Time A Seattle Practitioner 2002-07-15
Are Black Holes Spinning? Damon Noto, M.D. 2002-07-15
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