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2015 Washington D.C. July 20 Candlelight Vigil --Candlelight Shining Brighter Than Ever A Dafa Disciple 2015-08-06
Three Poems 2015-03-05
The King A short story by a Dafa Practitioner from Italy 2012-12-25
‘Shen Yun is Coming’ Rong Xin 2011-05-11
Poetry: ‘Avocado Grove,’ ‘Conversation with the Divine,’ ‘Israel’ A Dafa practitioner 2011-05-11
Poems: ‘Eternal Fa,’ ‘Plum Blossoms,’ ‘Why be Jealous?’ and Others A Western practitioner 2011-04-13
“Staring at evil,” “The predestined one” and Other Poems A Western Practitioner 2011-03-24
“Celestial Song” and Other Lyrics and Poems A Western Practitioner 2011-03-07
Poem: “A Divine Path” A Western Practitioner 2011-02-03
Three Poems: “One Right Mind,” “Naturally Still” and “Sincerity” Pan Jie 2010-11-02
Poem: The Beauty of Dafa Blooming A Western practitioner, Dafa particle 2010-07-05
POEM: Tranquility A Falun Dafa Practitioner in Russia 2010-04-05
POEM: Nature’s Gift A Dafa Practitioner in Australia 2010-04-05
Statues Cheng Yu 2010-03-11
Michelangelo and His Paintings Wang Haotian 2010-01-12
Insight on Life: Awaiting Life Fa Sheng from Guangxi Province 2009-12-21
The Wisdom of Simplicity Xiao Yu 2009-11-11
Poem: “Worlds in Waiting” A practitioner in Australia 2009-10-07
Poem: “Remember” A practitioner in the USA 2009-10-07
Poem: “Hallowed Ground” A practitioner in Australia 2009-10-07
Poem: “Oneness” A practitioner in the USA 2009-10-07
Harmony Between Heaven and Man Manifesting Exquisite Colors Mo Xiang 2009-04-07
Poem: Wake Those Around You A Western Dafa Practitioner 2009-02-08
Poems: “Tomorrows” and “World Inside Worlds” An Australian Practitioner 2008-12-09
Poems: “As She Carries” and “As Your Hearts” By an Australian Dafa practitioner 2008-11-10
Poems: “Emerging” and “Creation” By a practitioner from the USA 2008-09-13
Poem: 1. Beijing 2. Sails Australian Practitioner 2008-08-26
Poem: This Voyage An Australian Practitioner 2008-07-21
Poem: So Many Crimes An Australian Practitioner 2008-07-21
Poem: A Returning of Light An Australian Practitioner 2008-07-07
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