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Instant Retribution for Unfilial Children Li Yan 2017-05-18
Hong Kong and Korean Practitioners Protest at Chinese Embassies; Demand Release of Wang Zhiwen A Dafa Disciple 2017-01-25
The Wicked Has Surpassed that of the Nazis “Harvested Alive: The Ten-Year Investigation” Global Premiere A Dafa Disciple 2016-12-25
Newspaper Le Figaro Changes its Tone A Dafa Disciple 2016-10-29
More People Start to Witness a Social Miracle Qing Quan 2016-10-06
Dancing Competition Interfered by Chun-ying Leung in HongKong, U.S Senator Write Letter of Concern A Dafa Disciple 2016-09-20
U.S. House of Representatives Passes Resolution Condemning Chinese Regime’s Organ Harvesting Crimes Against Falun Gong A Dafa Disciple 2016-07-21
United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) Annual Report: Organ Harvesting of Falun Gong Practitioners A Dafa Disciple 2016-06-08
Revealed in the Switch from One-Yuan Bills to Coins Xiang Yin 2016-05-10
Gold Cannot Be Pure, and People Cannot Be Perfect A Dafa Disciple 2016-02-11
United States Congresspersons Support Suing Jiang and Condemning the Persecution A Dafa Disciple in United States 2015-12-21
Sydney, Australia: “I Hope Falun Gong Will Win” A Dafa Disciple 2015-12-06
Non-Filial Evil Woman Maltreating Others Receives Retribution A Dafa Disciple in China 2015-10-26
What Can Move People? A Dafa Disciple 2015-10-04
A Story of an Old Man Who Was Blessed for Respecting Dafa After Understanding the Truth Pure Lotus 2015-09-19
Fa Boat Praised at Seattle Seafair A Falun Gong practitioner in Seattle 2015-08-30
In Calgary Stampede Canadian Minister Commends “Falun Dafa is Good” A Dafa Disciple 2015-08-06
Falun Gong Wins Top Award in Portland’s Rose Starlight Parade Oregon Falun Gong practitioner 2015-07-08
Political VIPs Showed up to Celebrate Falun Dafa Day in Toronto A Dafa Disciple in Canada 2015-06-19
Mainstream Australian Media Expose Live Organ Harvesting in China A Dafa Disciple in Australia 2015-06-08
Taiwan Patriotic Union Leader Apologizes to Falun Gong A Dafa Disciple in Taiwan 2015-06-08
Addiction and Illness Zhaoyuan 2015-05-19
Ukraine Former President Loves Nine Commentaries - ‘Unveiling the crimes of the Chinese Communist Party’ 2014-12-11
Guiding Fellow Little Disciples Well Is an Incumbent Responsibility 2014-10-15
Return of a Rebellious Girl Xin Cheng 2014-06-28
Don’t Play with One’s Vow A Dafa Disciple 2014-06-06
Shameful Deeds Cannot Escape Heavenly Law A Dafa disciple 2014-04-07
Essence of Chinese Martial Art—Virtue Li Youfu 2013-10-22
A Reincarnation Story: Grandfather Became a Grandson Lu Zhang 2013-08-17
A Brief Discussion on Medical Ethics A Dafa Disciple in China 2013-07-12
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