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Scientists Discover Many Postponed Earthquakes – Is Humanity Under Protection? A Dafa Disciple 2016-10-16
Many Enormous Celestial Bodies Mysteriously Disappear for Unknown Reasons (Video) A Dafa Disciple 2016-05-10
Some Scenes Observed In Other Dimensions at the 2015 US Western Fa Conference A Western Practitioner 2015-12-21
The Power of Compassion- When the Dissipative Structure Theory Is Encountered by Water Crystallization Experiments (Part IV) A Falun Dafa disciple 2015-10-04
Master’s Vast and Mighty Grace 2014-08-20
Star Birth Rate of New Galaxy Cluster Stuns Astronomers A Dafa Practitioner 2012-12-25
A Physicist Proposes a New Theory of Gravity—Gravity Does Not Exist Mo Xinhai 2010-08-23
The Bermuda Triangle A Practitioner in Russia 2010-08-09
A Practitioner’s Insights on Quantum Physics Dafa Practitioner Dharia in Toronto 2008-12-01
Astronomical Theory and Observation Unite to Tap Early Universe for Secrets of Fundamental Physics 2008-05-25
Part of Universe's Missing Matter Discovered By XMM-Newton X-Ray Observatory 2008-05-11
Galaxies Gone Wild (Photos) 2008-04-27
The Strange World of Quarks and Gluons 2008-02-24
The End to a Mystery? 2008-02-03
Astronomers Say Moons Like Ours Are Uncommon 2007-11-25
Where Do Cosmic Rays Come From? Fermilab 2007-11-11
The Origin of the Moon 2007-09-30
NASA's Spitzer Spies Monster Galaxy Pileup 2007-08-19
Hubble Observatory Discovers Ring of Dark Matter 2007-06-23
More Than a Thousand Supermassive Black Holes Found in the Center of Milky Way Zhou Xin 2007-03-18
Theoretical Physicists Develop Test for String Theory 2007-01-28
NASA Finds Direct Proof of Dark Matter 2006-10-01
Death of a Star: Scientists Watch Supernova in Real Time Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council 2006-09-09
Small, Icy Extrasolar Planet Discovered The U.S. National Science Foun 2006-01-30
The Milky Way Galaxy Is Warped and Vibrating Like a Drum Robert Sanders, Media Relation 2006-01-16
A Holiday Gift From Space: Christmas Tree Cluster Harvard-Smithsonian Center for 2006-01-09
The Cosmic Christmas Ghost 2005-12-26
Spitzer Finds More than 100 New Star Clusters Linda Vu, Spitzer Science Cent 2005-12-19
Chandra Proves Black Hole Influence is Far Reaching 2005-12-12
Spitzer Space Observatory Harvests Dozens of New Stars 2005-11-21
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