One Body

Dan Rintoul

PureInsight | October 28, 2002

I would like to share some insights regarding the issue of Dafa disciples joining together as one body. From my perspective, this is a thing that we, as a whole, should have been able to accomplish long ago. However, to a large extent we have been unable to do this. There are still practitioners going their own way, bickering with each other, and continuing in pointless disagreements.

You see, the thing that the evil fears the most is disciples joining as one body. That is because if we did, the evil would have absolutely no way of persecuting us and when we sent forth righteous thoughts, they would be no more.

What I have discerned regarding the methods utilized by the evil to reach their goals, from my experience, and lessons from the Fa, is this. They cause severe interference while we are doing our Fa-rectification tasks, in order to disrupt our rational thinking. This, in itself, is not their ultimate goal, however. This interference is only a smoke screen, or a decoy. Their real goal is to prolong their own lives in order to cause as much damage as they can. Originally, they thought that they could survive Fa-rectification, and through their methods, ensure that their principles would become dominant in the cosmos. They see now, however, that this is impossible, and they only want to live as long as they can.

The primary method that they employ to achieve this is to use the confusion caused by the interference from thought karma and the evil beings hiding in our own cosmic space to separate us and cause discord among practitioners. The prime targets in these activities of theirs are those practitioners that start to break through their arrangements.

It happened way back when the first practitioners started to sit in front of the Chinese consulates. Some other practitioners thought that this action was too extreme or political. But I think that, in fact, the practitioners who had such thoughts were simply being used by the evil forces to segregate the disciples.

In fact, it is still happening in my own city, as well as in many other places. You see, when there are such disagreements and such strong discord, those practitioners who are breaking through the arrangements of the evil are then cut off from the support of other practitioners. In this situation, the evil can focus the full force of its power on that single disciple; with the intent of preventing him or her from breaking through those particular arrangements.

The truth, as I see it, is that we cannot accomplish the goal of eliminating the evil with righteous thoughts as individual particles at all. Only by joining together as one body can we do this. Actually, we could have done this long ago if only we could have been more supportive of each other and worked together, complementing each other's weaknesses. It does not matter who is wrong or right, it does not matter who is at a higher level, and who is at a lower level. We are all particles of Dafa. But by ourselves we amount to nothing.

I think that Master is referring to this when he says that the disciples in China do things in a totally different way from the disciples outside China.

Master has said that we should be more caring and compassionate to each other. Why would he say this? Could it be that we are not doing this? I think that the first step is to open our hearts to each other, not to judge each other or insist that our perspective is the right one.

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