Falun Dafa Restored My Life and Vitality

A Practitioner in China

PureInsight | November 25, 2002

I was born into a very traditional family. My parents raised and educated me in a very strict way, causing me not to talk much starting from when I was very young. My disposition was extremely introverted. I would never cause trouble and was a commendably good child in our neighborhood. From the first year of elementary school all the way to the last year of high school, year after year, I was given many honors, such as the Model Student, and the Outstanding Student Leader. However, after I got married, I encountered a few troubles and underwent a few hardships that an average person would find it hard to endure. My mind was severely distressed because of those tribulations, the most severe of which began shortly after giving birth to my daughter. By way of explanation, I should point out that my husband's family was very traditional and enraged after I "dared" to have a girl. Because I couldn't overcome all the hardships, many diseases were planted in my body, and I almost collapsed. My body was full of illnesses. I lost hope in life and was even thinking of dying to end my life.

Fortunately, my husband was very good to me. For eighteen years he never gave up having me treated. We've been to every hospital in the province and have tried both Chinese and Western prescriptions and even used a lot of folk medicines, but the effects were very tiny. Even without eating meals, the water I had to drink along with the pills was enough to fill me up everyday. I was so miserable. That kind of life truly made me feel as if one day was a year.

On April 26,1998, I was fortunate to come across the precious book, Zhuan Falun, at one of my friends' home. I borrowed it and finished reading it overnight. I was thirsting for it like crops meeting the rain after a prolonged drought. From then on, I was unable to put down the book and kept reading it again and again.

In the book, Teacher teaches us how to be a good person and then how to be an even better person. Truth, Compassion and Tolerance are the criteria. Every word that Teacher said spoke right to my heart, and made me understand the principles of how to conduct myself in my daily life. At the same time, my body underwent miraculous changes. All my illnesses disappeared. At that time, I didn't believe it was because of reading the book; I thought it might be a coincidence. As time went by, it was like I was changing into another person; the vitality of life surged in me again. I had endless energy in my body and walked very lightly. My complexion turned rosy and tender and my skin became fine. From that point on, the illnesses indeed disappeared – I was fully recovered!

In the past, I wore hats to cover my head throughout the whole year. I would wear thin hats during summer and cotton padded ones in winter. I would catch a cold if others did, and after others recovered, my cold was still there. Headache was my partner and was with me all year long. When it broke out I would beat my child, and my child was so afraid of me that he dare not approach me. I would look for him if I didn't see him, and after finding him, I would beat him again for no reason, and wouldn't stop if he didn't cry out. Think about it: what kind of behavior was that? What does a child two or three years old know? And he needed to look after his younger sister too! If it wasn't for Dafa, I probably would have died a long time ago.

Now, I have a relaxed and carefree feeling that I never had before. I'm so energetic that I can carry a bag of flour from the storeroom on the first floor all the way to the fifth floor without stopping. My life is full of hope. My husband goes to work cheery; my two children passed the entrance exams and went to college one after another, and now they're both working. My life is incomparably happy and perfectly satisfying. No language is enough for me to express my gratitude to Teacher. My personal experience made me realize Dafa's mighty power. Everything, needless to say, is not at all like what the TV [in China] has said. What the invaluable book, Zhuan Falun, teaches is not ordinary people's principles. It is not superstitious; it is a wonderful book that goes beyond ordinary people and surpasses today's science. As long as you believe it, as long as you read it earnestly, you will find that the profound mystery that lies in there is endless. As long as you do as what the book requires you to, it's guaranteed that your body will undergo a miracle. This is proven by my personal experience. I'm telling every kindhearted person from the bottom of my heart – Falun Dafa is good! Falun Dafa is a righteous Fa!

I'm also telling you, all of my family members are genuine practitioners of Dafa, and we are all beneficiaries of Dafa. My mother is in her 70s, but when she does manual labor, even young people in their 30s can't keep up with her.

Now, even if someone offered me a mountain of gold or silver in exchange for giving up my cultivation practice in Falun Dafa, that would be impossible. That is the same as telling me to die, because I owe my life to Falun Dafa.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2002/11/3/19086.html

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