Two Suggestions for Creating Artwork for the Dafa Art Exhibition

Dafa Art Exhibition Preparatio

PureInsight | June 30, 2003

[] The Dafa Art Exhibition, formally entitled The Three New Domains International Artist Showcase, is a very important and meaningful event. It is a natural outcome of the Fa-rectification's reaching this current stage and the changes in celestial phenomena's having made things turn out to be what they are today. It is a chance for Dafa disciples to demonstrate the professional abilities that were given to them in preparation for Dafa and utilize the wisdom that they have developed through Dafa. It is a good opportunity for us to validate the Fa. At the same time, it is also a process for us to change our warped artistic concepts, abandon the constraints caused by our fundamental attachments, find the ways to use our original, true nature to create new artwork and improve ourselves through cultivation. Along the way, we will be creating a new culture for the new humankind. Therefore, each of us Dafa disciple artists carries a great deal of responsibility, and the artwork that we create will carry significant meaning.

Of course, in order for us to create such important artwork in such a short amount of time, we do face a lot of pressure. But no matter how difficult the task is, as Dafa disciples, we will definitely make things turn out in the very best possible way. After reviewing photographs of existing artwork that practitioners have already submitted, we have two suggestions:

(1) The artwork should be based on a variety of different subjects. As we all know, the Great Law of the cosmos is bigger than anything that we could ever imagine. There are no words that could ever describe the grand benevolence and mercy of Master. The power of the current of Fa-rectification is something that is unprecedented. Furthermore, the course of our own individual cultivation is the process of our changing every fiber of our beings from the inside out and being completely reborn. All of these are things that we have personally experienced and come to understand are all-important, eternal subjects for art. They should be inexhaustible and never-ending sources for our artistic creation. In our work, we could illustrate the magnificent images of the heavenly paradises or the battle scenes in the big battle of the cosmos as Dafa disciples send righteous thoughts. We could expose the vicious evil deeds that Jiang has committed while persecuting Dafa disciples and deceiving people of the world. We could show the splendor and magnificence of Dafa disciples who are still clarifying the facts with benevolent hearts and saving the people of the world even while being persecuted so viciously. We could also paint bright and beautiful natural scenes when our state of mind is very pure and then write down lines of poems that are related to Dafa next to the paintings. All of these are just examples and suggestions. Our goal here is to ask everyone to expand his thinking, search through many possible shining subjects, find those subjects that shine the brightest that can best illustrate the beauty of Dafa and open up people's minds.

(2) Our work must be absolutely of the highest quality. We must make the greatest personal effort possible to ensure that our work is of high quality. A while back, in order to discover what kind of artwork each artist has already done, we encouraged everyone to send photographs of their existing work. From the photographs that we've received, we saw that certain pieces were quite good and certain pieces were based on very good subject matter but needed to be refined. But we have also seen quite a few pieces that were either ordinary or have been heavily influenced by degenerate modern artistic styles. We can't include any artwork that has been influenced by degenerate modern artistic style in our exhibition. We are certain that everyone will follow the requirement of this Dafa Art Exhibition while creating their artwork.

In this short of amount of time left, if we can concentrate our energy on creating just one piece of good artwork per person, the art exhibit will already have a very significant number of entries. We must show people artwork that is very orthodox, very pure, very bright, very beautiful and rich in inner meaning so that the audience can feel that real righteous gods are present!

If the above contains anything inappropriate, please kindly point it out. We also hope that everyone can share their own understandings and experiences while working on their artwork, and work together to ensure the success of this exhibition.

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