How Can We Make Everything Perfect and Indestructible?

PureInsight | September 1, 2003

[] Master teaches us in the article, "What Are Supernormal Abilities" that "In different historic times of the future, if in the cosmos damage to Dafa occurs or when beings perform differently, how Dafa will rectify the Fa and make everything perfect and indestructible is extremely important. Everything Dafa disciples are doing at present is creating the future, and right now everything in the Three Realms exists for Dafa. When Dafa has consummated everything amidst the tribulation, all of the evil that persecutes Dafa will end."

My understanding from this passage of the article is that what Dafa practitioners are currently doing is creating a new future, and laying the foundation for the new universe, or for an even further era. Therefore, how can we make everything perfect and indestructible? I believe it includes selflessness, and considering others first, before oneself.

Why will the old universe die? It is because the lives in it have become selfish. This is also the reason why high level lives have fallen to this dimension. Knowing this, we are to cultivate ourselves and remove our selfishness. Through cultivation, we become beings who always consider others first at all times. Only then are we able to tolerate everything no matter what kind of situation we encounter.

If we are considerate and tolerant, we will fully understand other people by putting ourselves in their situation. We should treat them kindly and judge situations in a kind and generous way. We should point out our fellow cultivators' attachments by using kind and generous words, instead of blaming them coldly and cruelly. When we see them being persecuted by either visible or invisible evils, we should encourage these fellow practitioners by reinforcing their righteous thoughts. We should help them improve themselves by understanding the Fa based on the Fa principles, in order to get them through the hardship as soon as possible. We shouldn't keep asking these fellow practitioners to find attachments or faults from within, or by saying discouraging words such as "You should get rid of your attachments. It is only because you have these attachments that the evil has opportunities to create such hardships for you."

Blaming another person, and using negative words, are harmful rather than helpful to our fellow practitioners. These sayings are exactly as the old forces have said. However, Master has never accepted these arrangements, and has told us to completely oppose them. Therefore, why should we accept them? Must these fellow practitioners be persecuted for their attachments or omissions? The answer is NO. These fellow cultivators should not be persecuted for their attachments and/or omissions.

In Mainland China, the evil beings in this dimension torture our fellow practitioners by putting them into jails. The evil beings in this dimension force fellow practitioners to give up their belief in Dafa, and have them commit crimes against Dafa. Overseas, the evil beings in other dimensions persecute our fellow practitioners by damaging their health and ravaging their minds in order to remove their righteous thoughts. For instance, many of our fellow practitioners have lost their jobs, which have led to a life of financial hardship. Some practitioners might look at these events the way ordinary people do. They might begin to doubt the Fa and lose their confidence. Even worse, some of the fellow practitioners who left Dafa were later completely ruined and even died. It has caused hatred and resentment from ordinary people towards Dafa, which has created a negative effect on Dafa. How vicious the evil is.

Mainland China's ways of persecution are different from overseas countries, but the purpose is the same and that is to ruin our fellow practitioners. Therefore, we must form a whole body. We should cooperate together and stand by each other. Only by doing this, can we have no omissions and be in perfect harmony. Only if we become one body, will those evil beings dare not come to our field of righteous thoughts. If they come, they will be melted away by this field. From this perspective, we can see how important it is to form one body.

Evil is frightened when it sees that we have formed one body. In Mainland China, when three or four Dafa practitioners get together, they may be arrested. The police always say that practitioners will not be arrested if they practice at home alone. Why is evil frightened when it sees Dafa practitioners gathering together? It is because meeting together is the best practicing environment that Master has provided for us to improve ourselves. It is also the environment where we can communicate with each other and exchange our thoughts, and where we can improve ourselves rapidly. This is what evil does not want to see. It does not want us to form one body. Instead, it wants us to practice alone at home to deprive us of the best environment.

In many lectures, Master has taught us to form one body. There is a deep connotation behind it. It means that we should understand the Fa based on the Fa principles. Therefore, coordination and cooperation are very important factors if we are to become one body. Why does evil dare to persecute us? It is because there is an environment that is suitable for its survival.

Non-omission can only be achieved when we really have formed a strong, harmonious one-body. To achieve no-omission, the first and the most important step for us is to understand the Fa well. Otherwise, the effectiveness of sending righteous thoughts and practicing the exercises will be poor. This will lead to performing the exercises poorly. It will also result in our being interfered with when we are clarifying the truth and encountering difficulties in Dafa activities.

In severe situations, those practitioners, especially those who are doing very important Dafa work, will be intentionally interfered with by evil if they reduce their Fa study and exercise time. The evil will try very hard to magnify our attachments, suppress our thoughts and restrain our righteous thoughts. If practitioners are thinking through their attachments, they will complain more and more, and their minds will become unbalanced. They may do something that isn't righteous and not from the perspective of the Fa. Master's article "Drive Out Interference" says, "Disciples: The Dafa I have taught you is the only thing that can ensure your reaching Consummation through improving yourselves in cultivation. If someone, unable to break his ordinary human attachments, brings to himself evil beings that assume my image and tell him what to do according to his attachments, so as to do damage to the Fa, this person is in extreme peril. If he doesn't awaken, he will become a fiend that damages the Fa."

If we encounter these situations, our practitioners must insist on reading Dafa books more and hence understand Fa better. Their fellow practitioners should help them to understand the Fa based on the Fa and reinforce their righteous thoughts so that the persecution from the old forces will pass quickly. Otherwise, the evil will take this opportunity to persecute practitioners even more. For instance, there are practitioners that have been enduring hardship for a long time. More seriously, some of them suffer from poor health, which leads them to losing the ability to take care of themselves in their daily lives, which even results in death. What an important lesson this is! That is why in each lecture, Master always teaches us to read and understand the Fa well, no matter how busy we are. This is because the Fa will wipe out all evils. Dafa practitioners should understand this point based on the Fa. If we can achieve this, the evil will not have any chance to utilize our attachments to persecute us. Then we will be in perfect harmony.

The above is my understanding about making things perfect and indestructible. Any amendments and corrections from fellow practitioners are most welcome.

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