(series of 1-8 all been taken by qing)NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES (1):Common Experiences

PureInsight | January 5, 2001

I. Common Experiences

A. Hearing the News

B. Feeling of peace and quiet

C. The noise

D. The dark tunnel

E. Out-of-body experience

F. Meetings others

G. The Being of Light

H. the Review

I. The border or limit

J. Coming back

II. Four Types of Near-Death Experiences (according to P.M.H. Atwater in Beyond the Light)

A. Initial Experience--(non-experience)--involves elements such as a loving nothingness--usually experienced by those who seem to need the least amount of evidence for proof of survival. It often becomes a seed experience or an introduction to other ways of perceiving reality

B. Unpleasant and/or Hell-like Experience (inner cleansing and self- confrontation)--an encounter with a threatening void or stark limbo or hellish purgatory, sometimes hauntings from one's past. Usually experienced by those who seem to have deeply suppressed or repressed guilts, fears, and angers. Many seem to expect punishment after death.

C. Pleasant and/or Heaven-like Experience (reassurance and self- validation)--a heaven-like scenario of loving family reunions, reassuring religious figures, figures or light beings.--seems to be a validation that life counts, it is affirmative toward life after death. Usually experienced by those who most need to know how loved they are and how important life is.

D. Transcendent Experience (expansive revelations, alternate realities)--an exposure to otherworldly dimensions and scenes beyond the individual's frame of reference--seldom personal in content. Usually experienced by those who are ready for a mind-stretching challenge.

Heaven-Like Cases
Friendly beings
Beautiful, lovely environments
Conversations and dialogue
Total acceptance and an overwhelming sensation of love A feeling of warmth and a sense of heaven

Hell-Like Cases
Lifeless or threatening apparitions
Barren or ugly expanse
Threats, screams, silence
Danger and the possibility of violence and/or torture
A feeling of cold (or of temperature extremes), and a sense of hell

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