Four Seasons in My Heart


PureInsight | February 23, 2004

[] It was winter when I first arrived at an unfamiliar place. My mind was just as low-spirited as the overcast sky. Although the winter was gone, ice remained in my heart. Even though summer arrived, my mind lingered in the late fall.

Another winter came. It snowed and it was said to be the heaviest snowfall in a couple of decades. I was with my fellow practitioners with joy and bright sunshine in my heart as if it was the most beautiful early spring month of March.

It was getting warm, although it was still cold. I sat in the holy hall, listening to Master's lecture. My heart was cleansed in the Buddha's light and I was full of hope of spring.

It was midsummer and all of sudden, evil wind blew and swept the ground. However, my heart was like the blossoming of plum flowers in winter, with no fear, ready to protect the truth of the universe.


My state of mind will not change along with the transformation of seasons. On the contrary, surrounding things vary in conjunction with the changes of my heart. I become more and more self-giving and my heart is broader. My surroundings have become warmer and warmer, and more and more friendly.

In the summer I feel a gentle breeze in my heart and in the fall I am no longer sad as the leaves fall. Winter becomes shorter and spring is becoming longer and longer.

They are the four seasons in my heart.

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