Genuine Happiness

PureInsight | March 29, 2004

1. Tears of Joy

[] I am a person who isn't easily moved. When I was young and felt upset, I would try to cry, but no tears would come. My parents described it as "going through the motions of crying without having any tears coming out." When I saw others weeping bitterly and sniveling, I could not quite comprehend what was happening. But after starting my cultivation and being fortunate enough to be blessed with Master's mercy, I often involuntarily cry, being moved by the great compassion of the Fa. Those are tears of joy. I clearly remember that, in 1998, when I was in a group watching Master's Fa lecture in Switzerland on videotape, the compassionate voice of Master moved me to tears. As I looked behind me, I saw a practitioner who had not attended the group Fa study for quite a while and appeared not to be cultivating, with his face covered with tears.

Of course, it's not so much that I'm demanding respect for a teacher by upholding old-fashioned formalities, but I am your master after all and will save you to a realm that high. What I'm giving you is something that you will never be able to repay in the eternity of your lives.

(From "Lecture at the Conference in Switzerland," unofficial translation) The side of us that is aware is often moved to tears.

In the difficult years that followed, I have been through many ups and downs; sometimes I would completely cease studying the Fa and doing the exercises, and would even lose myself in pornography on the Internet. On every occasion, it was the mercy of Master that awakened me. I feel that my comprehension is very poor, and I really did not deserve Master's vast and mighty Buddha's grace in giving me the opportunity of redeeming myself on so many occasions. Today, I read a poem written by a fellow practitioner. The first lines of the poem read:

Thanksgiving Day–In Praise of Master's Grace
When I first saw Master's grace,
Countless tears flowed down my face.

As soon as I read those lines, I began to cry unabashedly as I felt joy. It was the awakening of my Buddha-nature. I felt indescribable gratitude towards Master. I felt the karma being eliminated from my being. I felt a kindness in my heart calling me to return to my original, true self. I felt an incomparable excitement from my knowing side, which saw what Master has done for us, for which we will eternally remain indebted.

2. Diligently Advance in Fa-study

Fellow practitioners have written articles about how they have been trying to memorize the Fa. It is indeed a reminder to those of us veteran practitioners who have done that before. Learning the Fa well and diligently advancing in the Fa will really enable us to detach ourselves from ordinary humanness, thereby enabling us to be more effective in truth-clarification.

Clarifying the truth during the gigantic changes has already become the major way of saving all beings and the world's people, so in doing this, the wisdom that Dafa has given you and the enormous capability that the Fa has provided you with are manifesting.

(From "Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Atlanta Fa Conference") I started to memorize the lecture by Master, "Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Atlanta Fa Conference." In the process, I felt that the beauty of the Fa is truly like one of the lines in "Falun Paradise" in Master's Hong Yin, unofficial translation:

The infinite beauty and wonder are beyond words…

I always carry that lecture with me. When I try to recite it, if I do not remember any part of it, I will read it again. Whenever I have free time, I recite the lecture.

I would like to conclude with Master's poem "Saving Again" (From Hong Yin, unofficial translation):

Falun rotates continually, saving all beings,
Study the Fa, obtain the Fa, and cultivate xinxing;
In the Dharma-Ending period, the wheel turns again,
The predestined have the Fa illuminate their hearts.

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