Some Thoughts on Dafa Disciples' Creating Literary Work During the Fa-Rectification Period

A Dafa Practitioner in China

PureInsight | March 8, 2004

[] The true meaning of literature should be to motivate people to search for, and become closer to, the truth. Since ancient times, countless renowned scholars have been searching for the truth, but to no avail. Right now the truth is made available to us, and that truth is Falun Dafa, also known as Falun Gong. It follows then that Dafa practitioners' literary efforts during the Fa-rectification period ought to revolve around Falun Dafa, the truth of the universe, as well as Teacher's immense compassion.

Teacher saved us from hell and washed off our sins. He granted us the honorable mission to show living beings the way to salvation. He brought us to the path of godhood, and, as deities, gave us the opportunity to establish eternal, mighty virtue and glory in a new universe. Teacher gives even those who had bowed to the persecution and renounced Falun Dafa a renewed opportunity to return to the path of cultivation, to remove their disgrace, and return to the path to godhood of the new universe. Such enormous compassion has never been heard of before in the universe. This compassion is the manifestation of Buddha Law.

We have to walk the path righteously during this era, knowing that Teacher has saved our lives. We must do whatever we can do to validate Dafa. Thus our literary creations should coincide with the need to validate Dafa as well. We should write with righteous thoughts to praise the solemn Buddha Law and the greatness of the Lord Buddha. We should write about how the great Buddha Law has saved our lives that had been enveloped in karma. At the same time we should understand that it has always been Dafa that brings salvation to living beings, although it may appear that Dafa practitioners have been sending forth righteous thoughts, clarifying the truth, assimilating themselves to the Fa, and validating Dafa, in the background it is only possible to do this because of Dafa. Practitioners' actions are the manifestations of our immensely compassionate Teacher's wisdom. We have to remember who the true savior is!

When Dafa practitioners write literary works to clarify the truth, they shouldn't forget it is Teacher who has saved sentient beings. Those who have given in to the intense pressure in the forced labor camps should write about their regret, torment and shame after they betrayed the gods, so that other practitioners can learn from their lessons. They should objectively describe how Dafa gave them another chance for a new life in their literary works to display Teacher's compassion and the truth of the universe.

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