Mountain Painted Becomes A Mountain and Water Painted Becomes Water

Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | March 29, 2004

[] During the early development of a Dafa project, I dropped out of it because I felt that it was too difficult and I preferred simple projects. At that time, several practitioners took up my work load on the project as well as their own.

I am a practitioner whose supernormal abilities are unlocked halfway. Even though I cannot directly see with my third eye, I can feel the things in other dimesions. So I saw that these practitioners who continued the work I was initially responsible for endured tremendous pressure, but I thought that there was no way they would be able to complete the task. I also thought that this project was not an effective way to clarify the truth. Then I left the group.

Two years later, I suddenly realized that it was not right to leave the group at that time. One day, I met up with the other practitioners who continued on with my work with the project. They invited me to take a look at the project. I went there and was shocked by what I saw.

I saw that these practitioners, who had persevered under pressure to continue that project, had really changed. Even though they still looked like everyday people on the surface, they looked totally different in another dimension. Metaphysically speaking, when they drew the mountain, the mountain became real and when they drew the water, the water also looked real. When they spoke, the water came out between the lines. I realized that the world I saw was the product of their cultivation. I was so astonished that they wondered why I was staring at them.

I did not dare reveal what I saw. I knew this was a hint from our Master. A practitioner must be able to endure the hardship of hardships. All hardships must be endured, and what one obtains will be incomparably great honor. Even though a situation may appear negative, the reality exists at a different level and is totally different from what is perceived on the surface.

I saw my selfishness. I saw that I could not make sacrifices. I saw that I had not believed in Dafa. I saw the side that did not believe in Master. I truly realized that all we do is not for others, but for ourselves.

"It's hard to do, but you can do it." (From The Ninth Talk in Zhuan Falun) I admire those practitioners who initially continued on with the project. Their perseverence enabled the living beings from different dimensions to have an opportunity to assimilate to Dafa.

This time I found the biggest gap between other practitioners and me.

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