The Gift of Compassion

A Veteran Western Practitioner

PureInsight | April 5, 2004

[] If we speak loftily and elegantly, making eloquent points but have no compassion, we are no more than street vendors hawking their wares. Even worse, if we do so for our own edification, we are fakes. If we support causes and petitions to the point of exhaustion and do so motivated by guilt instead of compassion, all our efforts are nothing but cheap, cracked plastic flowers instead of fragrant, flourishing, healthy live plants.

Compassion does not put others down to make us feel more important. Compassion builds bridges between people instead of erecting walls. Compassion helps to solve problems instead of creating new ones. Compassion agonizes at others' efforts gone wrong instead of gloating over their misfortunes. Compassion practices positive thinking, making others see their potential and helps them to achieve their best.

People may not remember the clothes you wore or how comfortably your home was furnished, but they will remember the compassion you have shown them. Our comprehension for our life's purpose may at times be shallow. We may not always remember that we are here on earth for but a short while. Our legacy is to hurry up and return to the place of our origin, but if we show compassion in all things, we cannot fail to achieve deliverance from all earthly strife.

How is this accomplished? By reading, studying, comprehending and living the teachings in Zhuan Falun, by Mr. Li Hongzhi, the only guide anyone needs to reach completion in this life. This book will make us genuine human beings, destined for sainthood or even better. The book is the blueprint for demonstrating compassion and for the two other qualities necessary to transform us into higher beings, Truth and Tolerance.

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