My Family Members "Haven't Started" the Practice Yet

A Dafa Practitioner in the Uni

PureInsight | April 19, 2004

[] This statement, "My family members do not practice cultivation," I often read in articles written by fellow practitioners, or hear it in their conversations.

Whenever I hear or read this, I always feel that the practitioner has already given up, and is sure that their family members will never practice.

Teacher said:

If you have a certain amount of energy, the words you say have an effect, and if something isn't supposed to be one way, your words might make it that way for the person, and then maybe you've done a bad thing. An ordinary person is really weak, and all his messages are unstable and apt to go through some changes.

(From "Your Thoughts Have to be Proper" in The Sixth Talk of Zhuan Falun)

My family members also have not started the practice yet. However, whenever anyone asks about them, I always say, "My family members have not started the practice yet." I never say, "My family members do not practice."

I think that if we hope our family members will obtain Dafa, we should pay more attention to our speech. Do not let your words become prophecy, which may make them lose the opportunity to obtain the Fa.

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