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A Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | May 3, 2004

[PureInsight.org] Take heart! Cultivation is the most challenging, serious and profound practice and study one can undertake as a human being, particularly at this special and critical time of Fa-rectification. Embracing cultivation now amidst the awakening of the boundless cosmos, we are granted the opportunity to truly determine and forge our essential and divine nature. Tested are we, sometimes from moment to moment; not from the constructs of accumulative knowledge, but rather the qualitative development of our own xinxing levels. All are encouraged as true cultivators to "make the grade," to demonstrate a virtuous heart in every way until the hour of sublimation; immeasurable, inexplicable in any other human field of study.

With such an immense personal undertaking, it would seem almost impossible if some wavering or doubt did not find its way to enter into our consciousness, drawing us back from an extraordinary state to that all familiar and mundane territory, the confines of our everyday human mentality. As cultivators, we are aware that there still remains much room for improvement within ourselves; veils to be peeled away, attachments to be exposed and eliminated, so many elements, both tangible and subtle, to be improved and ultimately, transformed. Therefore, a certain dignity must be maintained, a level of integrity actualised to remain firm upon the voyage, despite any clouds of grey, tumultuous seas and unseen shores that may seem at times distant and almost unattainable. In Teacher's words (From Hong Yin, unofficial translation):

Falun Dafa

The path for cultivating gong lies in one's heart
The boat to sail the boundless Dafa rides on hardships.

Perhaps, one could view the many stages of our respective journeys as movement not unlike the ocean tides, where one's efforts and xinxing levels will often ebb and flow. It is those old, evil and deeply selfish forces that continue to tempt one back into the diminishing realms of their crooked and incohesive ways. It seems where even the slightest facet of our being remains "unpolished," demonic influences will try more than ever to further consolidate our shortcomings and attachments, pursuing in fact, the means to their own selfish ends.

As we move towards our resplendent futures, there is a process required, an intricate configuration to evolve; the journey of one's unfolding, mindful, but unattached to our final destination. Take heart! Perhaps, your understanding or level is not as far behind as you might sometimes think. After all, your efforts and understandings, the sharing of your unique experiences, your conduct and example of conveying, if not exemplifying a life of Truthfulness–Compassion–Forbearance would surely have inspired a foundation for others to broaden their own understandings, assisting them to become more diligent in aspects of their cultivation and for those everyday beings that you have shared Dafa with along the way. To finish with Teacher's words (From Hong Yin, unofficial translation):

In Harmony with the Fa

The Buddha light illuminates everywhere,
Propriety and justice rectify and harmonise everything.
Strive forward together,
A bright future lies ahead.

These are just a few of my thoughts to share with you upon this most sacred voyage.

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