Little Disciple Garden: The Story of Yin Yin and Hong Lian

Yi Yi (Taiwan)

PureInsight | May 16, 2005

[] Yin Yin is a five-year-old girl. Her name is from the "Yin" in "Hong Yin." Yin Yin started to study Zhuan Falun when she was only three years old. For the first three lectures, her mother would read two or three words to her each time. Then, she read after her mother. For the fourth, fifth and sixth lectures, her mom took Yin Yin's finger and pointed at every word for them to read together. For the seventh, eighth and ninth lectures, another little disciple also participated in studying. Her mom let the two little disciples point at every word when reading. Thus, Yin Yin finished reading Zhuan Falun for the first time before she was even four years old.

Her mom was very surprised by the changes in her. She started reading "Hong Yin" with her own finger pointing at every word. She also tried very hard to put her own legs in the full lotus position. She has even learned to endure if she wanted to go to the bathroom or if her nose is running while doing exercises with other children in the Minghui Dou Dou garden.

Sometimes Yin Yin could not understand some principles of law. In order to help her understand how important "de" is, her mom told her that "de" can be used in exchange for many things and also can let you become a little angel with wings in heaven. One time, she wanted to eat ice cream. She asked her mom to buy it for her. However, her mom told her that she was not doing well so she didn't have "de" to exchange for ice cream. She so went and asked her younger sister to hit her so she could get "de". What she did was funny. Finally, her younger sister hit her. She was so happy and said: "I have "de", I have "de". I can buy ice cream now!" Her mom told her that what she did was with pursuit so she had to accept the fact of not getting ice cream.

Normally, her mom is very strict with Yin Yin's behavior. On Saturdays, her mom takes Yin Yin and her younger sister out to gain real life experience. On Sundays, her mom requires them to read quietly. Also, Yin Yin is required to talk to others with eye contact, not interrupt when adults are speaking, and not walk in the middle when other two persons are talking. In other words, she is taught to display a little disciple's manners.
At present, Yin Yin goes to Minghui Dou Dou garden to study with other children. Her mother already saw Yin Yin's many shortcomings through other children. As for being both mom and teacher, she tries very hard to remind her children. In the reality, however, children understand gradually "Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance." One day, her mom took Yin Yin to a walk and saw a monster advertised on a bus. Yin Yin said: "Mom, that monster is so deformed! Our little disciples should send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate it!" She presented her aesthetic standard and let her mom confirm.

In the school, Hong Lian helped younger sister to clean the running nose
Hong Lian is two and a half years old. She goes to Dou Dou garden with her elder sister and other children every day. Although she is young, she practices the exercises very well. She also recites "Hong Yin" and "LunYu." At home, she often likes to ask her young sister: "Sister, do you study the Fa?" Then, she takes the book and starts to recite "Lun Yu."

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