Cultivation Diary: A Mirror

PureInsight | May 23, 2007

[] Today is
Saturday.  My son had a violin performance this afternoon. 
While I was preparing the lunch on time, my son was practicing the
melody for the performance.  I thought that he already had packed
his clothes, which we had tried two days ago, to be ready for the
performance.  However, when it was time to go out, he thought the
tie was too long and claimed that he couldn't find the belt.  What
a mess! I was angry with him, because I believed that he should have
had all these things well arranged on the night before, rather than at
this moment.  

My son is intelligent and ingenious.  But he is not a well
organized person, which gives me headaches.  I am well organized
and cannot endure any mess.  In fact, in my life I cannot tolerate
dealing with people who are poorly organized and messy in doing
things.  Unfortunately, all the people with whom I live with are
poorly organized.  

Anyway, I forced myself to hold my anger and escorted my son to the
performance site.  There were many parents and children
there.  All at once, I was attracted by a moving scene.  I
realized later that it was Master pointing out my attachment through
this scene.  In the corridor leading to the performance classroom,
a father was patiently and gently helping his son with the tie and
straightening his clothes.  His son was at an age similar to that
of my son.  The very tall father had to bend over to help. 
What the father was doing really looked like a mirror, reflecting my
attachments of being uncompassionate and impatient.  Compared to
everyday people, practitioners are busier in daily life.  But I
should not use it as an excuse to avoid cultivating compassion. 
Cultivation is absolutely above all without any conditions.  
Master has told us to be good to everyone, including respecting the
elderly and to discipline the children kindly.  We must treat all
people with kindness and patience under any circumstances.  I
asked myself whether I had followed the principle.    

I thought I should take a careless manner towards the poor organization
and mess.  Since I was unable to change other people, I had to
make do with it.  However, in the evening, my mind came across
Master's teaching on how to treat other people's bad sides. 
Master is so merciful that he has changed the bad into good. 
Before and when we started cultivating, we were full of Karma. 
But Master never gave up on us.  Instead, Master cleans our mind
and body, points out our attachments and gives us all opportunities to
remove our attachments.  Master is so compassionate that he has
patiently awaited some disappointing disciples, such as me, who have
fallen behind to catch up.  Being a mother, I wonder why I
couldn't tolerant my own son's bad side. Now I realize that I must
patiently teach him to be well


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