Falun Gong Has Created a Miracle in Our Class

Jia Yu from Taiwan

PureInsight | May 30, 2005

[PureInsight.org] Each semester I introduce and promote Falun Gong to my students. Like all other classes I have introduced Falun Gong to in the past, the class of students I am teaching this year have undergone an amazing transformation from the inside out within a short period of time. The most dramatic transformation happened in a very mischievous boy in the class. All the teachers who have taught him in their classes know him as the most problematic child in the class. This semester he changed into a different boy shortly after he started practicing Falun Gong. He was able to quiet down and study. He has abandoned all of his bad habits. He has made rapid and significant academic progress. He has also become very healthy. He has transformed from the most mischievous student to one of the best students in his class.

One day when one of his classmates suddenly discovered that he put a lot of effort into doing his homework and his handwriting and that he got either 100 or close to 100 points (full score) on each subject exam, his classmate exclaimed in shock, "Falun Gong created a miracle in our class! All of teachers we had in the past have tried all sorts of punishments in vain! Our teacher for this year has never punished him! Just by teaching him to practice Falun Gong, our teacher for this year was able to transform him into a good student!" His classmate envied his success and hoped to become a better student as well, so he asked me to prompt him to study the Fa more.

A child asked me to prompt him to study the Fa more
He is studying Traditional Chinese Zhuan Falun marked with Taiwanese phonetic symbols (a children's version of Zhuan Falun.)

The children in my class were addicted to a card game called "Magic King Cards." All the small cards for this type of card game contain images of devils. Sometimes children would play cards during class although I strictly forbid them to play this card game at any time. One day, a child in my class told me, "I used to be extremely addicted to 'Magic King Cards.' I must have collected more than 100 'Magic King Cards.' I would play with them every single day and neglected my study and my homework. My parents failed to make me give them up although they repeatedly reproached me. Since I started practicing Falun Gong, I suddenly lost interest in them. It has been a long time since I last played 'Magic King Cards.'" He became interested in studying. Soon he decided to tear up his entire collection of "Magic King Cards" and throw them away. He has even prompted other kids to get rid of their collections. Since the entire class of students started studying Zhuan Falun, they realized on their own that they should get rid of the control of the demons residing in these playing cards, so all of them destroyed their collections of "Magic King Cards." My class became very interested in reading, and they often go to the school library to borrow books. The librarian was very impressed with my students' interest in books. Their favorite books are Journey to the West and stories of ancient Chinese deities. Moreover, their academic performance has also improved a lot. At each monthly examination, many of them got full scores in Chinese and Mathematics.

I once saw a pile of students' artwork on the desk of an Arts and Crafts teacher. Approximately 80% of the students' artworks were the likings of demons. They were drawings of skeletons, demons, monsters or mutated beasts. In a discussion with the art teacher, I said, "Did you notice that demons seem to have occupied the minds of today's children? This may be why more and more children are reinforcing or showing their demonic side. Their speech and actions are increasingly degenerate and it is becoming increasingly difficult to educate them. Wouldn't you agree that we should guide the students to appreciate beautiful things and to create beautiful artworks in order to cultivate their minds? I strictly forbid my class to draw demons or monsters." It was not until then that the art teacher noticed the problem in the students' artworks. He agreed with me and thanked me for reminding him.

Each year our school hosts a costume contest attended by a few students from each class. Each year demonic costumes led the trend of costume fashion in the contest. Approximately 70-80% of the students would dress themselves as monsters, demons or some degenerate creatures. This year two students in my class volunteered to participate in the costume contest. I asked them in advance what they would like to be and I was pleasantly surprised that they both wanted to be goddesses. One of them wanted to be a butterfly goddess and the other a butterfly fairy. They stood out as ethereal goddesses among other contestants dressed as dark creatures.

Since my students started practicing Falun Gong, their hearts are now filled with Falun Gong's cultivation principles, Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance. They have become very agreeable, rational, interested in studying and physically and mentally healthy.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2005/5/23/32461.html

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