Young Falun Gong Practitioners from Taiwan's Minghui School Play Waist Drums to Validate Falun Gong (Photos)

Shu Hui

PureInsight | October 24, 2005

[] The Minghui School in Zhongli, Taiwan, formed a young practitioners' waist drum team in July 2005. These young disciples wear shiny gold outfits. Their young faces look so cute and innocent. When they play their waist drums, they are very spirited and they play in rhythm. Everywhere they go, they command the audience's admiration. In the present Fa-rectification period, young disciples' display of pure heart and kindness is a powerful force to validate Falun Gong.

Hopefully China's persecution of Falun Gong will end soon. Then the young disciples in China will be able to grow up and prosper in a free and happy cultivation environment like the young disciples in Taiwan.

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