Taipei Minghui School: Sharing and Feedback on The Mentality of Jealousy and Showing Off

Ding Fen

PureInsight | July 2, 2006

[] Children in
the Minghui School in Taipei, Taiwan, held a discussion on the
mentality of showing off and jealousy. Below are children's comments.

Question from the Teacher: What is the mentality of showing off?

Answer from the Children: Showing off is to show off one's ability or
possessions, show off the things one has to others; show off how tough
one is;  believe that one is better and stronger than others; show
that one is extraordinary and others are not as good as he is.


Question fro the Teacher: Have you found that you have the mentality of showing off in your daily life? Give me some examples.

Answers from the Children:

1. When adults were chatting, I would interrupt their conversation if I knew a little of what they were talking about.

2. When someone asked me: "Which style of swimming do you know?" I would answer arrogantly, "I know all of them!"

3. When I saw my classmates in school having fewer things than I had, I laughed at them.

4. When we defeated the boys' team in our soccer game, we would ridicule them in the classroom.

5. I was always glad that I had more treasures than my younger brother.

6. When I got a new toy, I had show-off mentality.

7. When my mother gave me a new pen, I would tell my older sister: "Look at this. I have a new pen."

8. I loved to wear my beautiful dress and I would turn around and around to show it to everyone.

9. When I got a 100 in English class, I would ask others intentionally: "What is your score?"

10. When I received a certificate of merit at the end of semester, I would ask my grandma to give me a gift in exchange for it.

Question from the Teacher: Tell us what jealousy is.

Answer from the Children: When one sees someone else doing well, one
feels sad. When one sees someone else is very pretty or has good
things, one gets angry and envies the others. When I don't have the
things that others have, I loathe them; When one feels envy toward
others, one doesn't feel well. It's feeling it's unfair when others
have good things.

Question from the Teacher: Have you experienced the feeling of jealousy in your daily life? Give me an example.

Answers from the Children:

1. I always beg mother to buy new toys for me. If a classmate has a new
electronic toy, I would make a big deal and ask for the same thing. If
someone has a good thing, I also want to own one.

2. I am jealous that all my friends have electronic toys and I don't.

3. When I saw a classmate was good at kicking ball, I would keep asking him to teach me.

4. My older sister has many "Hello Kitty" dolls and I have only a few. I feel that it is unfair.

5. I get angry when my younger bother has some thing I don't have.

6. I feel unhappy and get angry when my younger sister has a new toy.

7. When I brushed my teeth, I found my older sister's front teeth were
very clean. I told myself, "She is only good at brushing her frontal
teeth and she doesn't brush her back teeth." Later, my mother told me
that I hadn't been brushing my front teeth and they had become yellow.

8. I told my mother sometimes, "My classmates all wear beautiful
clothing and I don't have any." (Actually I have many.) But I always
have at least one more beautiful dress.

9. My father always turns on the air conditioner when he sleeps. My
mother and I sleep in another room. She tells me that our room has good
air circulation and we don't need to turn on the air conditioner in our
room when we sleep. I am thus jealous of my father's good fortune.

10. During my computer class, when I didn't understand the subject, I
would shout loudly, "Who can teach me? Who can teach me?" When my
classmates said that I was making too much noise, I shouted even
louder, "Since you are not willing to teach me, why say anything?"

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